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  1. Hi. Try this one <?php echo $page()->featured_image->url; ?>
  2. Hi @netcarver I have several user roles. Some types of users have ability to change the content of some pages on the front-end side. But the processwire is built so that these users can edit the data from the admin panel too. I would like to limit this possibility. I also need this in terms of system security. Is there a way to make .htpasswd work for specific route?
  3. Hello everyone. I need to protect the link to the admin panel with an additional password. So when the user enters a direct link to www.sitename.com/processwire/, he will first enter the prompt password, after which he has access to the entrance to the processwire. I tried using .htpasswd but that did not help. Maybe someone knows how to put a password to the route /processwire/. Thanks.
  4. Hi @dadish the module is awesome. But i have some troubles with language support. Here is my query: { language(name: "default") airport(s: "limit=4, sort=title") { list { id title } } } Here is the response problem: { "errors": [ { "message": "Cannot query field \"language\" on type \"Query\".", "extensions": { "category": "graphql" }, "locations": [ { "line": 2, "column": 3 } ] }, { "message": "Cannot query field \"title\" on type \"AirportPage\".", "extensions": { "category": "graphql" }, "locations": [ { "line": 6, "column": 7 } ] } ] } title field has type - Page Title (Multi-Language), but as it mentioned above response is "Cannot query field \"title\" on type \"AirportPage\" Here is GraphQL module configuration screen. Where did I make a mistake?
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