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  1. I'm already using it and I like it a lot more than pages2pdf. The download function isn't working for me but I was able to circumvent that problem with a little bit of extra code to create and then to start the download of the pdf.
  2. Hello, the installation is with a blank profile and locally with laragon. I tried it several times: Made a new installation, installed the module, created a template and a page with the complexForm.php file and always the same problem. I checked the settings and also disabled measure 4 just to be sure but it didn't work.
  3. Hello Juergen, the template is empty except for the code from https://github.com/juergenweb/FrontendForms/blob/main/Examples/complexForm.php Do I need to add anything else? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I tried the example from https://github.com/juergenweb/FrontendForms/blob/main/Examples/complexForm.php on an empty 3.0.200 Installation with PHP 8.1.10 and I get this message 4x on my test page: Complex form All fields marked with (*) are mandatory and must be completed. The form is not visible. But it's visible when I add an error to the page by calling an non existing function. It's the same problem with the other examples. Any Idea why this is happening? Thanks
  5. I'm trying to implement this module at the moment and I also have the problem with the download() and the show() function in my existing site. save() is working fine. I tried it in a new installation, too and there it worked fine with all three functions. I took a look into the generated PDF files and I found the problem. The module adds the HTML Code from the page to the pdf file when using download() and show(). This does not happen with save() I tried to circumvent this with using the save() and then with this code to start the download: if (file_exists($file)) { header('Content-Description: File Transfer'); header('Content-Type: application/octet-stream'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$page->title.'.pdf"'); header('Expires: 0'); header('Cache-Control: must-revalidate'); header('Pragma: public'); header('Content-Length: ' . filesize($file)); readfile($file); exit; } With this code, the HTML code is also added to the PDF file but the HTML is not in the PDF File when it's saved on the server with save(). I don't know how to prohibit that My solution for now is to implement the code for the PDF download before any oder HTML code is added which works for me. But If anybody knows how to solve this problem that would be great.
  6. @nbcommunicationthanks a lot for your answer. Disabling tracy reduced the error but it still appears some times.
  7. Hello, I have a lot of problem with this exception: Exception: Unable to obtain lock for session (retry in 30s) (in wire/modules/Session/SessionHandlerDB/SessionHandlerDB.module line 96) #0 [internal function]: SessionHandlerDB->read('69f8229e5ff1e62...') #1 wire/core/Session.php (319): session_start(Array) #2 wire/core/Wire.php (414): Session->___init() #3 wire/core/WireHooks.php (951): Wire->_callMethod('___init', Array) #4 wire/core/Wire.php (485): WireHooks->runHooks(Object(Session), 'init', Array) #5 wire/core/Session.php (201): Wire->__call('init', Array) #6 wire/core/ProcessWire.php (577): Session->__construct(Object(ProcessWire)) #7 wire/core/ProcessWire.php (313): ProcessWire->load(Object(Config)) #8 index.php (52): ProcessWire->__construct(Object(Config)) #9 {main} I installed local versions of my site on my computer and inside some docker container. I tried it with mariadb and mysql. The exception comes almost always at the first start of the website after I started my computer but it also appears a lot through the day. the pages are really slow when the exception does not appear. Another page of mine, a shopware instance, runs quite faster in comparison to the processwire page and I don't have the problem with this exception on my regular server. Has anyone an idea what the problem could be? thanks a lot.
  8. Hello @bernhardthanks for your suggestion but filename works only for the picture where httpUrl is also working. I don't think it's a problem with the links but with the way the original picture are created. mostly pictures with a white or black background instead of as transparent one are working fine. ?
  9. Hello everyone. I started a while ago with processwire and I like it a lot ? But now I ran into some problems with pages2pdf and I hope someone has a solution for those problems: 1. I try to add pictures (mostly pngs) into a pdf but some aren't shown and I can't tell why. The picture are shown on the webpage but not in the created PDF: I create them with this command: $picture->size(100)->httpUrl It works for some pictures but not for all. I think it has something to to with the way processwire creates the smaller picture because it works fine with this command: $picture->httpUrl when I remove the size command. 2. to make it even more complicated, some pictures aren't even visible with this command. Maybe it's a problem with the transparency from png. but other formats and some pictures without transparancy are also affected. I would be happy if someone has a tip or could tell me what I'm doing wrong or if there is a setting to change, thanks.
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