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  1. Regarding the odd UI "bug" I showed. I am using the UIKit Admin style. Perhaps that might be the source of it?
  2. Suggestions? Sure- here's my particular use-case which highlight the reasons why I would need to modify VPS's admin behavior- I am using this for panoramic images that I create. So they are much wider than they are tall. This means that in thumbnail-list view the default preview images have very little height to them, making it more difficult to see what they are. I would need to at least double the present width in order to make the images easier to identify. Also in "list view"- one can add columns to the right to include field data such as name, title etc. In my case, I use three columns of data- the image "TITLE" ( short unique ID's ~10 char), a relatively short (~20 char) category, and a proper NAME (~70+ char). When I include these fields, the added columns are presently evenly spaced. Resulting in a much wider column than necessary for the TITLE, a wider column than is necessary for the CATEGORY, and a column that is too small for the NAME (causing it to wrap). Perhaps a way to designate percentage widths for these columns would be a great addition?
  3. Thanks, yes I think that clarification in your edit to your instructions could indeed help others like myself (a new PW user). Looking forward to putting this module to use. Though I can see already that I will need to make adjustments to how large you are showing the thumbnail images in listing view, in addition to the width of the additional column. There is also a bit of a weird UI thing happening with a line showing through the title field (Firefox, Win10) in the following non-listing view-
  4. ok, I have figured this out now, and it is working. I think the VPS documentation should make it more apparent that one must create a field of type "Page Reference" and *then* after doing so, change the input type to "Visual Page Selector". I was very much expecting the "Visual Page Selector" field type to be in the first menu of "types". Pardon my confusion!
  5. Hello, I have purchased, downloaded and installed VPS but the VPS option does not show up under the input "Type" menu when creating a new field? Other aspects of VPS are present such as: "Access->Permissions->VPS". I have set permissions for "Guest" to be able to utilize VPS role, but I am operating as superuser anyway. My PW version is 3.0.88
  6. mikhail

    Ok, Looks like I am getting other modules throwing up the same notification from page to page too. I dismiss them and they just keep coming back. Guess I need to look into other things..,
  7. mikhail

    fbg13, oh that's great to hear, I will remove the module and look into Fieldset field. Thanks!
  8. mikhail

    I am getting the same notification "Compiled file: /site/modules/AdminTemplateColumns/AdminTemplateColumns.module " on every page of the PW admin. I dismiss the notification but it still pops up on every admin page. What is going on?
  9. mikhail

    this works exactly. Thank you so much!
  10. Hello, Just started w/PW a couple days ago. I am trying to use a category tree I have made to refine the results shown instead of just showing pages with just the one category that was clicked on by the user (unless it is the last category in that branch. I have many images, all using a single "image" template. One image/One Page. Each image page has a field for "location_category" (in addition to numerous other fields for each image) I've created another template "location_category" and made my category tree under that. My menu markup on the front end appears to be working fine, Eg: Locations-> California-> Los Angeles-> Hollywood-> West Hollywood San Diego-> Mission Beach Pacific Beach I am trying to make it so when a user clicks on "California", all images in California are shown in the results, when they click down to Hollywood, then only images for Hollywood and West Hollywood are shown etc. Code I am using now only shows the items in that exact category- $pano_results = $pages->find("location_category=$page, sort=-shoot_date, limit=10"); What are the additional selectors I will need to achieve the above? I am not having much luck finding the precise method because of so many different variations of people's issues with page selects and parents/children. I hope there is a simple method? Thanks