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  1. Jan, thank you very much for your quick reply. I'm not using any of the code of the original website and I have free reign to redesign and recode however I find most efficient. At this point my dev site is only on my computer, so I can't point you to it or give you access. I can't go into more detail now because of work obligations, but I'm very grateful for your insights and your help.
  2. I have built a number of basic PW sites over the years. Now I've taken on a pro-bono project for a coronavirus info site that goes beyond my meager PHP skills and knowledge of the API. I'm trying to replicate the functionality of this site so the originator doesn't have to do much work manually. Generating the content in the main column is no problem. I know there are several ways to set up the content in the second column that would be trivial to a more experienced PW programmer. It's a list of dates that, when clicked, presents all the posts that appeared on that date. I can generate the list of dates easily enough, but getting them to display the posts has so far eluded me. My latest idea is to use a dropdown for people to select a date. That's done, but my attempts to get ahold of the selector value that Formbuilder generates is not working for me. Would anyone have time to help out? Many thanks. —Cliff
  3. Like a few others in this forum I have to use a shared server on GoDaddy to host a client's website. It took me about three hours to track down the problem that threw a 500 error after I installed PW 3.0.78. It was a clearly a database connection problem. I checked and rechecked my credentials; they were good. I tried everything Ryan suggested in the .htaccess file. Nothing worked. Finally I went back to the GoDaddy control panel, to Hosting Details > Manage Databases and clicked on the name of the database to bring up the Database Details screen. At the bottom it shows Hostname. This is not what I named the database, but it's what goes into the site/config file to allow the connection. It's a very long string. I hope this helps other people to connect if they have to use GoDaddy.
  4. I'm just reiterating what's already been said in easy-to-follow steps using the database export/import method. 1. Export the SQL database from your local development site. 2. Set up a new database on the production server and note the database name, user name and password (they will probably be different from the local names). 3. Create a ProcessWire directory (or go directly to root) on the web server and FTP all files from your local dev (including .htaccess). Note that site/assets and site/assets/config.php need to be writeable, so check permissions if there's a problem. 4. Go into the site/config.php file online and change the Installer Config data from the ones in your local database to the ones you set up in the online database (e.g., dbName, dbUser, dbPass) if different. 5. BEFORE you import the SQL dump from your development database, search through it and fix all hrefs and anything else that still refers to the local installation. Then import it into the web installation. 6. Online, you may have to go into your CSS files and templates to change hrefs (e.g., for background images and the homepage). That should do it.
  5. You may also need the following at the top of your htaccess file: # Use PHP5.4 as default AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54 .php I had set my site up in a subdirectory for the client to see and it worked fine, but when I moved it to the top level, it threw a 500 server error and the error log showed "unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM." So I checked the htaccess file of the WordPress system that I was replacing and there was the magic line that solved the problem. Thank you, jsantari for asking and arjen for your answer.
  6. Damienov, Just a word of encouragement -- Anyone who hand-codes HTML and CSS and can set up a website on a server should pick up PW pretty quickly, especially since there are many code examples in the API docs you can copy. I never wrote a line of PHP before coming to PW. While my code is quite basic and certainly not elegant, with a few conditionals and foreach loops I can build pretty much anything I want. I'm coming from Textpattern, WordPress and Drupal and, while I love Textpattern, I am continually delighted to use PW. You can tell it was designed by a man who understands workflow, best practices and security and it's just a joy to use (you see that word over and over in these forums). Plus, the support is second to none. Enjoy ProcessWire! Cliff
  7. Adrian, I went back to PMA as you advised and deleted all the tables of fieldtype Repeater -- and it solved the problem! Many, many thanks! Cliff
  8. Adrian, I'm getting errors when I try to delete existing repeater fields or add new ones. I'm pretty sure this is what happened. I'll take a look but given the damage I already did, I may way for more answers. Thank you very much for yours! Cliff
  9. Hi, I know that similar postings have been made, but the discussions and the code therein were way over my head. Here's my problem: I created a website on my local machine that used repeater fields. Everything worked. I transferred it to the dev server online using the Export Site Profile module. Everything worked there, too. Here my memory is a little murky, but I believe that I added some fields to templates that caused pages with repeaters to generate about 1000 new invisible, system-level pages each time they were edited. (This may be what renobird discussed here: <http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3619-updating-repeaters-via-api-without-removeall/>) So I fired up phpMyAdmin and manually deleted all those pages -- and probably some that I needed for the repeaters. I cleared the cache. I turned the Repeater inputfield off and on. But now I can neither delete the existing repeater fields in the admin nor create new ones. I tried importing a sql dump of a repeater field from the original system but that didn't solve the problem either. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to fix this? I really need to use repeater fields for this website. I've built a few sites with PW and feel quite comfortable with it but I haven't plumbed the depths of the API yet and have only the most rudimentary PHP skills. Even so, it's amazing how much I can get done. But, as you see, it's still possible to get stuck when you go beyond your depth. Your patience is much appreciated. Cliff
  10. Ryan, thank you. I will try your suggestions. And, btw, making newbs "Distinguished Members" is hilarious. I love it. Cheers.
  11. Wanze, Thank you for your help. The debugger shows the following: 33. SELECT field_images.data AS `images__data`,field_images.description AS `images__description` FROM `field_images` WHERE field_images.pages_id='1011' ORDER BY sort [0 rows] [0.0001s, 0.0082s, 0.14133191108704s] $_POST Array ( ) which I interpret (correctly?) to mean that it gets the request but fails to execute it. The JS console turns up the following (in screenshot), which I think pinpoints the problems. I don't have the technical chops to deal with this without a translation, though: I'm guessing that something is munged or missing and it's throwing a syntax error. Cliff
  12. Hello, I copied my 2.2.14 install from my MAMP server to the web server where it will eventually reveal itself to the world. Everything works except for the image field function. I can select an image to upload and have it recognized by the system, though there is no description field -- probably a vital clue. I click Save, look at the admin page again -- no image. I've done all the troubleshooting I can think of: The permissions on the Assets directory and directories within are 755. The image field type & inputfield type is Image. The number of rows for the description field is 1. I deleted the cache from the dev server. I'm pretty sure there's a simple answer for this. Could someone please provide it? Many thanks, Cliff
  13. Ah. That's because I was only using some of the functionality of the Kickstart kit (thank you, Joshua!) and didn't realize I needed prettify.js, so I didn't upload it. Problem solved. This is an embarrassing way to introduce myself to the PW community. Thank you for sticking with me, Soma, and Wanze. Cliff
  14. Um, as I don't have any competence in js I don't as a rule look there. This seems to be the last remaining error in the kickstart.js file: ReferenceError: prettyPrint is not defined $('pre').addClass('prettyprint');prettyPrint(); Don't know where to take it from there. I'm much more comfortable with HTML & CSS and learned just enough PHP -- echo and foreach loops -- to build a very simple brochure site in PW. I referenced it to give hope to designers like me who only enter the development pool at the shallow end. I plan to learn more. . . .
  15. Yes, it's loading right before </head>. jquery-1.4.2.min.js loads before it. Main.js and kickstart.js are also loading. The site is still in development and I haven't cleaned out unneeded code. Here's the page in question: <http://parisfashion.org/PW/testimonials/> Only the very last item has a real email link. Thanks! -- It's pretty late in Switzerland, I think.
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