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  1. Thanks for the download class Soma, comes in very handy!
  2. I was thinking of the visibility kind of hidden and not the ‘undercover’ kind input type that html has got. The functionality you describe sounds perfect, and think I could rephrase my question; would it be possible to have an images field / entity present within this new fieldtype I’m creating? The fieldtype should consist out of a text field entry field for the video url, another text field where the retrieved embed code is stored, and an image field where the thumbnail belonging to the fetched video will be stored, and also some optional config fields (i.e. to specify a fixed width for the video, or any other presets such as autoplay).
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I suppose that could work. But would it still be possible for it to be a module / field, meaning that this hidden images field is somehow contained when using this field/module? Otherwise the working of the field would be dependent on the presence of this hidden field on a page I think.
  4. Thanks again for your replies! By adding the thumbnail to an images section of the page the client could possibly delete the image, and this would break parts of the website. It would be better to hide the image from the editor/client, and tuck it away somewhere safe. And somehow create a relation between the video id and this specific image. Or am I trying to bend the system too much?
  5. Thanks for your reply! I think the client (and guests) need to be able to have access to the pages anyway because they need to be accesible on the website itself. But some css does the trick for now!
  6. Continuing on what I started earlier, Vimeo also supplies a thumbnail image through their jsonp interface, I’d ofcourse like to use (and save) this thumbnail to this module/field I’m creating. Since anything is possible in ProcessWire I was wondering if you could perhaps give me some additional directions here? Thanks once more, enjoying PW very much.
  7. Hi all, Finishing off one of my first projects using ProcessWire for a client. Since some cms pages have quite some fields I was wondering if it is possible to collapse all repeater items by default. I don’t want to collapse the full repeater, as I do want to show the list of items that are present within this repeater. I could probably solve this with a js or css quickfix, but would be great to do it the processwire way One more thing, think I mentioned this in another topic as well, it would be great to be able to configure a (text) field to be used for the title of the repeater item. Cheers!
  8. Slightly off-topic but would there be a way to hide the language proxy pages from the document tree (for a client)? Since these pages have no content and children. This topic is about a similar question, although I did not find an aswer there. It would be great if these could be treated the same way as the 404 page (visibility wise), which also only shows itself to superusers in the cms. — there’s always the css quickfix though, but that would feel a bit sloppy working with such a great system and all
  9. Thanks for your reply. That’s a solid piece of documentation there that I did not see yet, and thanks again for the great work!
  10. Awesome module, it’s working very well. One small note for the documentation, it currently says the following: ‘Create a page field i.e. language_published. Set the template to the one you use for the proxy pages. Set inputfield type to checkboxes.’ Being a bit of a novice user, it took me some time to figure out that with page field you mean a field with type ‘page’. So maybe even more clear would be if you’d rewrite it to the following: ‘Create a field i.e. language_published of type ‘Page’. Under Input > Selectable Pages, set the template to the one you use for the proxy pages. Set input field type to checkboxes.’
  11. I’ve also been using the github app for osx for some time now; the only thing missing in my opinion is the possibility to add some kind of hook to make a mysql_dump and sync it along with the rest of the repository. That would be a major workflow improvement. I know this should be possible with command line git, but perhaps you know a solution? (There is also Tower, a mac osx git app, which does seem to support pre-commit hooks) edit; could use a remote mysql server to get rid of the issue but that would probably kill some of the benefits of developing locally
  12. It’s a great feature for sure, and thanks again for your replies!
  13. It does actually make more sense to have it as a page reference on the homepage. But perhaps our minds like checkboxes?
  14. Hey guys, Thanks so much for your replies – I only see them hours later – forgot to ‘follow’ the topic, let me see if there’s a setting in the forum to ‘auto follow’ any topic I start, would that be the ‘Auto follow topics I reply to. ’, I’ll give that a try anyway. The sort=-modified was actually my temporary solution A good quickfix. I’ll give the PageListSelect a try, havent used that field yet. I’m actually using ProcessWire now on a couple of different projects I’m working on, and it’s incredibly smooth so far. Even redid a project that was halfway, simply a matter of setting up the structure and moving some templates, still amazed.
  15. Hi all, I’m implemeting a feature where a client should be able to select a page to be shown on the frontpage, call it a ‘featured page’ checkbox. Thing is; only one page should be able to be featured, and by default a checkbox can ofcourse be selected on more than one of the pages. What would be the best approach here? To create a new field module that has some sort of hook that sets the checkbox values on all other pages to 0/false, when it is selected on the page that is being saved? There are ofcourse other ways to implement this, such as a select box on the parent page populated with it’s child pages, but it would be nice to use a checkbox on the page itself. Curious to hear your thoughts! Best, Thijs
  16. Thanks guys, these are some great references! And Ryan; my compliments for your work on ProcessWire. It would have taken me many years to have gotten my own cms somewhere near the current state that ProcessWire is in. But instead I’ll try spending that time to contribute wherever I can, and I’ll ofcourse be sure to share my first module!
  17. Thanks for your replies! Soma; I’ll go for more flexible and dedicated (even though it may be a bit more complex at this point). It’s good to get to know the inner workings of ProcessWire a bit more (and I’m very familiar with PHP). If you could give some pointers to get me started, that’d be really great! I’ve already fiddled around a bit with duplicating and editing some existing modules but would be good to do it right the first time!
  18. This would be an awesome addition indeed, it makes it more readable/clear. Myself I’d like to base the name of the item upon the title field, but I’m guessing it would be most (re)usable if you’d be able to assign any of the (text) field values present within the repeater as the name of the item.
  19. Hi Diogo, Thank you for your reply and the welcome! Do you mean on the admin page template(s)?
  20. Hi all, Been getting into Processwire for the past couple of days, it’s simply amazing, very nice work there (Ryan)! I’ve got a short question; I’m trying to make a field where you can input a vimeo url or vimeo video id (just as a text input), and have it load the video beneath the text field when the field loses focus. This is something that can easily be done with some javascript, but I’m wondering if I should make a custom field (module?) for this, or what the best approach would be to get this in the existing ProcessWire structure? I know that there is a module that converts urls to embed codes and displays them in a (tinymce) field, but I’d rather separate display and input here. I appreciate any insights, and thank you in advance for reading / thinking along! Best regards, Thijs
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