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  1. Is there a way to set the attributes of Checkbox Options? Thanks, thomas
  2. I am building an angular app with Processwire and in order for the forms to work I need 'ng-model="<?=$field->name;?>"' added to every Inpufield. Now this doesn't work all the time. I am macgyvering my way through the Hooks now to add the attribute to radios and selects but it would be nice to have it for every Inputfield. Thanks, thomas
  3. Well my next step after this was asked and rejected would have been to copy processUpgrade with my own module directory url and reverse engineer the JSON data it produces. So the purpose of my original question was actually to dodge some work
  4. Wouldn't you only need to set up a service that serves a JSON file with URLs and versions of your "private" modules?
  5. Hi Pete, thanks for the answer. I wasn't aware of the approval process and of course no one should need to approve my makeshift modules My problem isn't so much about the installation but more keeping everything up-to-date. I have 7 quite similar PW sites running and I always try to keep track of the changes and apply them to all the sites. I was thinkiung, maybe processUpgrade could help me with that. @Dave, that might be an option too. That way I could build my own module directory Thanks, thomas
  6. Hello, this might be a really special case which no one but me is interested in but I'll post it anyway since it seems rather easy to implement: I have a few really special plug-ins or modified versions of existing plug-ins that wouldn't really be of any use for anything but my special cases. But I run these plug-ins on several sites and in my quest to keep everything up to date and n-sync I was wondering if it was possible to add "private" modules to the modules directory, which won't show up publicly but I can use processUpgrade to keep them up to date across my army of sites. Maybe this would help someone else, too. Just a thought, thomas
  7. Ah, alright. Thanks for the clarification. You are right, that's not exactly what I'm looking for since I need to pick the latest 3 articles from 2354 ...
  8. It does? For me it definitely doesn't. I use $pages->find("template=article,sort=-published,limit=3") and it sorts by created. No matter if I use "published" or "-published". I use 2.6.17 now btw
  9. Hello, my client wants to schedule his posts and since I haven't had any issues with 2.6.16 in development I decided to update his site to the dev version in order to use "publish" date. The DB was properly updated, "published" shows up in the pages table, I can use $page->published but $pages->find("sort=-published") doesn't seem to work. Is this correct or am I missing something? Thanks, thomas
  10. I now manually include the CSS and JS files and everything works. I have no idea, why those files don't automatically include anymore. Like I said, my suspicion is it stopped working with the 2.6.1 update but everything else works so there really is no reason. I remain confused ...
  11. Not sure what's going on. Seems like the module *is* loading but it's not loading any of JS or CSS files. I know this is pretty vague but I wouldn't even know where to start posting code ...
  12. Hello, I'm building a custom Fieldtype / Inputfield and all of a sudden it doesn't load anymore ... Nothing in the console, nothing in errors.txt ... init() is called but that's it. In the "modules" page it shows as loaded (also in the debug mode tools) but everywhere else ... nothing. How can I debug this? I updated PW to 2.6.1 and it *seems* like the problem started after this. Thanks for any hints!
  13. Hi Bernhard, since it's a product cataloque and all that's needed in site A is the products I simply restrict site B's API to the products folder and it's children.
  14. Servus mr-fan, thanks for the hints. I now built the inputfield pretty much like described above. I duplicated PageListSelectMultiple for site A and changed the code so it loads JSONP data from site B. On site B I have a simple API that returns data suitable for ProcessPageList. Needs more testing but seems to work so far. Thanks, thomas
  15. Hello, I need to connect two PW sites, both with rather big pagetrees. When adding a page to site A, the editor should be able to select one or more related pages from site B (one is an editorial news site, the other a product cataloque) My idea was to build an API for site B which writes JSON data of the applicable pages and feed that into my custom inputfield which would be heavily influenced by PageListSelect. Now my questions: Has anyone built something similar? Since this would be my first custom field / inputfield, where should I look for help? Does this sound like a reasonable approach or are there other ways to connect two PW sites? Thanks for any help, thomas
  16. Adrian, sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for the module. It solved my problem for once and will hopefully teach me to do that stuff myself Thanks, thomas
  17. Hello, I have the task of rebuilding a rather large cataloque of products as well as adding another dimension to it. The structure looks like this: - bikes -- full-suspension --- product A --- product B --- product C -- hard tail --- product A and so so forth ... Now I need to add model years to it. So when a new model is released, the product can be duplicated, edited, and is now the default product, with the old one still being viewable via a direct link I am trying to decide if it is better to keep the page structure as it is or change it to a flat structure with all products under one parent, with it's category in a page field (as well as the model year in a page field). I could then build the URLs with URLSegments Is there any disadvantage to this approach? My main concern is of course speed, since this cataloque is rather large and bound to grow with the introduction of model years. Is listing pages in a tree find("parent=/bikes/hardtail/") much faster than finding by page field ("category=/bikes/hardtail,year=2015")? Or is there another approach to consider? Thanks for ideas, hints and thoughts -thomas
  18. Short question: Is it possible? Longer explanation: I have a rather big product cataloque which is viewable for registered users only. We now want to open it to the public. In the valued spirit of "I'd rather take 30 minutes to script something than 20 minutes to do it manually" I am looking for a way to change the access of 50 or so templates to "viewable for guest" but I can't find an API method. Can anyone help? Thanks, thomas
  19. Hello everyone, I'm having the same problem. Funny thing is, it worked until I left for a week. Came back, no more luck ... The subdomain homepage works //sub.domain.de/ Every child page //sub.domain.de/page/ gets redirected to //sub.domain.de/ Then I get Notice: Undefined index: it in /site/modules/Multisite/Multisite.module on line 68 Accessing //domain.de/sub.domain.de/page works fine I tried debugging it using error_log at a lot of places but can't figure it out. Apeisas original module does the same but without the notice. Something tells me it could be a server configuration issue since all I did was update Apache. Everything works fine though so I can't see a reason why this won't work. Has anyone found a solution? I'm halfway in my project and need multisite for this to work! Thanks, thomas
  20. Hello, has anyone here thought about building a PW backend as a Chrome App to support offline mode? The editors using the backend of the pages I built often travel to remote places without any internet access so they asked me if it was possible to draft the articles offline and then simply upload them once they have access again. My first idea was to build a Chrome App that stores all data locally until it's explicitly told to upload everything and publish the articles. I've never built a Chrome App but from what I've figured it would mean packing an entire PW installation, modifying the database and file upload classes to use local storage and add an online status listener to provide the upload functionality. Makes sense? Or is there another way to achieve this? Thanks, thomas
  21. Hello, a long time ago I learned in this forum that a nice way of making something accessible throughout my site is public function ready() { $company = wire('pages')->get(...); $this->fuel->set("company", $company); } in a module. I use this so I only need to declare $company once and then use it in all of my templates. Now my question is twofold: - is this a good way of doing this? - I often use little scripts outside the template folder which bootstrap PW and do little things, mostly via Ajax or sometimes in the terminal. Now how can I make $company available to those? I tried a lot of combinations of wire('company'), $this->fuel->get and so on but no success. Who can help? Thanks, thomas
  22. Yes, normally every MarkupCache expires on any page save. You can disable this and then build your own caching logic with a hook on save() like Martijn suggested. So you tell it when to expire instead of when not to expire ...
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