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  1. after the migration to version 3.0.145 our export templates all of a sudden dont work properly, we have a functionality where we use a boiler template with a set of fields. for some reason since the upgrade when we select the export template to export it. it wont show any of the fields added after the migration, as you can see the offer certificate remarks field has been added to the export, but when we select it it wont come trough
  2. added it to original comment, things i have tested (removed all routes) result: nothing changed deleted all the cache result:nothing changed, created a new route and echo something on call result: route works output nothing?
  3. hi, i am trying to configure the RestApi, i made some routes and it seemed like it was working but when i edit a example function or create my own it never changes, when i change the api url, the url changes, but for instance when i do site/apiv2/test i keep getting returned: "message": "test successful" Even though i removed all the routes from my routes folder and changed the output of testfunction by adding a 1 at the end? edit: url i am calling dev.productnetwork.calago.nl/api-v2/test api-v2 is responding if i change the url in settings of restapi mod
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