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  1. added it to original comment, things i have tested (removed all routes) result: nothing changed deleted all the cache result:nothing changed, created a new route and echo something on call result: route works output nothing?
  2. hi, i am trying to configure the RestApi, i made some routes and it seemed like it was working but when i edit a example function or create my own it never changes, when i change the api url, the url changes, but for instance when i do site/apiv2/test i keep getting returned: "message": "test successful" Even though i removed all the routes from my routes folder and changed the output of testfunction by adding a 1 at the end? edit: url i am calling dev.productnetwork.calago.nl/api-v2/test api-v2 is responding if i change the url in settings of restapi module it stops responding on the old url and works on the new url (for instance if i were to change api-v2 to api-v3, api-v2 stops working and api-v3 starts working) added pictures, as you can see my entire routes is commented out but it keeps returing test succesful
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