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  1. i managed to get it al working from bitbucket master branch but now none of my modules are installed0--0 and if i go to setup my old modules are still there but when i go to modules all the correct ones that i expect are there
  2. yeah i was trying to do it other way around we have a development and production only i wanted a local installation and i have all the files but even when i change the config i keep getting errors so i thought maybe i can use this to get it to work locally
  3. yeah but you would think that around 5 milion bytes would be able to handle 4096 bytes...
  4. im trying to export a live (development)site so i can set it up locally, but when i try to export it i get this error
  5. thanks for all your reply's and helpfull tips
  6. im trying to export a live site so i can set it up locally, but when i try to export it i get this error
  7. yeah i saw that page but didnt realise it could have been a empty selector, thanks thanks this worked for what i wanted, and will install one of those
  8. How do you get all roles in a module? (i want to create a migration to set the permissions of templates and fields) i tried : $rolles = wire('roles'); var_dump($rolles); var_dump($roles); var_dump($this->roles); but all 3 return 0 while i have 3 different roles(guest, superuser, test)
  9. I wanna create a migration script that creates fields and being able to set those field's permission but i cant seem to find a way to set a fields permission programmatically
  10. Good afternoon, i have made a module that gets child pages from my contact form, now i am trying to make it so you select checkboxes and then be able to delete them. since i wasnt able to make event listener on the .module i created a .js file where i handle al the logic but now i am stuck on the delete part since you cant reference $pages in the .js file how would i go about deleting pages commentManager.js commentManager.module
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