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  1. http://www.awljoinery.com New site for a local joiner, only a couple of things left to do as of time of posting (pagination on some templates primarily).
  2. Cool, look forward to seeing it in action.
  3. Any idea where in the roadmap / timeline user system is Ryan?
  4. Hi Ryan, As it isn't something that is time sensitive for me I am quite happy to wait and help out with the testing when you get round to it. You should have my email so just drop me a line if you want me to work on experimental code etc. Cheers R
  5. I think simply knowing what the current roadmap plan is would allow those of us who want to help to focus efforts. Like Martin my PHP knowledge is limited however I am more than happy to pitch in. Since this is your baby Ryan I'd say we let you decide how that is presented, decided and then fixed!
  6. Ryan let me know if you need any help beta testing the newer user system. I'd like to implement a Clients section to my site, enabling them to log in and view their info, invoices etc as well as editing their account data, so can see an immediate use for myself.
  7. True, it is potentially subjective choice on which works better in my particular case. Personally it makes no difference to myself which way I implement it, but my suspicion is that for my client's user experience it'd be simpler to keep adding quotes to that given page. Guess the challenge for me is to help him understand
  8. Yes I figured that the simplest thing to do would have a "Quotes" page with children that have the title, quote, person, date, etc will work. It just struck me as being somewhat tidier to have all of that data encapsulated within a singular array on the "Quotes" page. I'll keep an eye on developments in future as undoubtedly I'll have something more complex later!
  9. Hmm, I'm thinking this would be something I'd like as well. Site I have upcoming will have a large number of quotes from customers, good feedback stuff, and it'd be nice to have that as something where a single page just keeps on adding to a single array. Unless I'm missing the blindingly obvious here?
  10. Sounds good, I have a couple of projects in the works which could benefit from this. Will keep my eye out for updates from you Ryan!
  11. I should have been clearer, thats pretty much what I was wondering it would do if the large image was different ratio from the thumbnail. The primary purpose I have in mind is that a customer of mine wants to have a gallery of photos, and I imagine they won't all be uniform ratio at full size but the gallery will be presented as a set of uniform thumbnails. Ideally I'd like to be able to position the crop but I imagine that is a bit of a leap.
  12. Ryan, with regards to the method of creating a thumbnail of a set size, e.g. $thumb = $image->size(100, 100); If the source file is say 400 x 200, does this resize then trim to 100x100 or scale the image to 100 x 50? I realise I could just test this and implement, but I'm in the office for my 9-5 and being lazy
  13. Indeed, I have literally just noticed that this very minute. I believe it was due to the blueprint css framework which I am using on the site. Unfortunately I've just upgraded to Opera 11 so can't check v10 for you. IE9, FF3, Safari and Chrome all look good as well.
  14. No problem Apeisa, and if you need any further CSS bug checking etc let me know as that is what I consider my strength!
  15. Hey folks, I have admin bar working happily but I think there is a CSS fault with the tooltips which I noticed in Chrome. See screenshot here: http://grab.by/9eJq Changing line 80 of AdminBar.css to the following fixes this. left: 120px; IE9, Opera 10, Safari and Firefox 3 all work fine with this update. Cheers R
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