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  1. I'm creating this site where a 'motherpage' renders all subpages. I switched on frontend editing to make editing as easy as possible to end-users. I'm stuck on adding images to the subpages. The frontend editor suggests to add images to the motherpage (that has no images field on it, nor should it), so it asks for another page to add the images to/from. Is there a way to make the frontend-editor context aware so that it looks for images in the correct subpage? I already tried the 'type C' approach and added <edit field="body" page="id">, but that doesn't seem to do the trick.
  2. I'm trying to keep 'scores' for users on certain pages. So far Matrix seems to do the job, as I can type a score for every user and for different assignments. What I'm trying to do now is to enter scores using the API, so *not* using the admin pages. If I understand things right, Matrix is simular to (or an instance of?) WireArray, so I should use $matrix->add(sth)? I just can't find my way through. Does anyone have an example code snippet for entering values to a Matrix using the API? It would help me a lot. edit: Of course I can always enter the data directly into the database, but I'd rather use the power of PW if possible.
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