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    Digital marketer, avid cufflink wearer, part-time wannabe-recluse. Passionate about web design, marketing technology and music. Reflective on inbound marketing.

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  1. #inboundmarketing: Why We Switched From Salesforce to HubSpot's CRM https://t.co/WG2QdOEwVj #digital #marketing

    1. jonatan


      Hi Michael! 😊

      I found this post searching for "Hubspot" in the Processwire forum. 

      And I really hope you could help me out. 

      I have an upcoming client project where the client is demanding that I use WordPress. Why? Because they say that it has to be it due to Hubspot integration. I suppose they're talking about the official Hubspot plugin for WordPress, which does seem rather powerful in terms of integrating the Hubspot features into WordPress. 

      But ofc I'd like to be able to suggest them to go with ProcessWire as (as I suppose you know) WordPress development is awfull! At least compared to the ease of ProcessWire. 

      It's a rather big b2b startup which I ofc would love to at some point see featured in the Processwire showcase. 

      Could you possibly give any kind of input on this? It would be amazingly appreciated! How would you approach this if it was your client? 🤔

      Thanks a million in advance! 😄


      All the best, Jonatan

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