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  1. Thanks! I have currently implemented it using jQuery and use the API and was wondering if there was a module
  2. I am fairly new to Processwire and using APIs and I wanted to implement a certain functionality for one of my templates. Suppose I want all pages that use template A to display wiki content associated with page->title in page->body . For example if page->title is "Google", I want the body to consist of the data present on I understand that one way of doing this is using APIs from Wikipedia (but I do not have good experience in working with APIs) Could someone guide me though the process or point me to an already available module for this functionality in Processwire?
  3. Thanks a lot! This worked for me
  4. I am a newbie to Processwire and have been given a task to add some features to a website that has been already been developed. One of the fields (say Filed A), is of type Page. There are 100+pages in field A. A template Temp B uses this Field A and just displays the name of the pages of type Filed A selected for the page which uses the template B. Now, since there are many pages in Field A, it is displayed as a list and its gets difficult to scroll through the entire list in the admin page to find and add a particular entry from Field A. Could someone guide me if I could have a dynamic search bar for this field A which would work similar to how the search works on the processwire admin page? I want this search bar to be displayed right above the list of FieldA which will then dynamically improve the results as I type in the search box