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  1. came this post, instead of : $pa = $event->pages->get("id=1354")->children; better todo: hasPage is a reference to the page the field is on. $event->object->hasPage->children():
  2. And how to merge them as a OR ? Found it: $mergedSelectors = new Selectors(); $mergedSelectors->add( '(' . $selector1 . ')' ) ; $mergedSelectors->add( '(' . $selector2 . ')' ); $mergedSelectors->add( '(' . $selector3 . ')' ); will result in 'or grouped' selectors
  3. what about the value in the input field? I've a customer who is persistent about this 😞
  4. check with a normal php file and a simple form, if you still have it or not. think about excluding your php file from .htaccess, otherwise it's still processwire you access. so to check if it's the hosting or pw: How to Upload a File in PHP (With Easy Examples) (filestack.com)
  5. Hi Guys, I'm configuring one page as 'alert on' and using a selector field together with a repeator, so the customer can configure alerts by themself. Now when selecting a 'date' field, I would like that the customer can write 'today'. Somehow I was able todo this one time, and I saw in the selector text on bottom right, it said 'today' as well. but now I'm unable todo so, I get always the date picker, and can't write a text such as 'today' in it. So how can I achief this?
  6. I use it in almost every project.
  7. What I would like to do; There is a table with data. In one column the customer must be able to "double click" and alter the data of that 'cell'. That's it. Is there anyway to do this with any of the field types?
  8. Hi all, Is it possible with profields - table to mark some of the columns as readonly? Kind Regards.
  9. Hi all, I'm planning to develop a customerportal in processwire. The idea is basic, like a basic admin pannel. for instance; * viewing your domain names. to protect a page from one user from another, I would have many many roles. role: customerA-viewDNS role: customerA-editDNS role: customerB-viewDNS role: customerB-editDNS if I add something like: licensing O365 & ssl certificates; role: customerA-view-license-O365 role: customerA-view-sslcertificates role: customerB-view-license-O365 role: customerB-view-sslcertificates so the "Power" user of customerA would have all roles who start with customerA It feels like there should be a better approach? how are pages like "my profile" in general done? Kind Regards
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