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  1. Thanks @Robin S, I was a bit ill the last couple of days, sorry for keeping you hanging so long. I have to say I'm still trying to grasp it, but your explanation is already much clearer than the one I saw in processwire itself. I'm guessing it is also a problem with me being really new, so not all the terminology that is specific to Processwire is already known by me. I will be trying things out the coming days! I'm sure I'll get the hang of it 😉
  2. I have already gotten a pretty good idea about how to utilize ProcessWire in the sites I make, but there is something nagging me. I see a button "Add new" next to the page tree, and when I click it, I have 1 option: Bookmarks. I have clicked it, and added a page to the bookmarks, but I don't understand what this actually does. I don't see anything different on that page, and I can't understand the explanation that is provided ("The pages you select above represent bookmarks to the parent pages where you want children added. Note that if a user does not have permission to add a page to a given parent page (whether due to access control or template family settings), the bookmark will not appear."). So, I guess the question boils down to: what do bookmarks do?
  3. _Roy_

    Book Recommendations

    A bit late to the party, but still... It's certainly not an unknown book, but as a fantasy-lover you have to have read Magician by Raymond E. Feist. And if you love it: there's tons of books that take place in the same world(s) that you can follow it up with.
  4. Hi all, I have installed a language pack (Dutch in my case), and am looking through the menus and screens. I still see various bits and pieces that appear in English. I did find mising translations, and have added those in my installation (it does not show any blank translations at this point), but for example the screen where someone can change their profile (e.g. password) is still in English. Is that meant to be this way? Or do I have to do somethin else to get everything fully translated?
  5. Hi @bernhard, thanks for the tip! That sure is an extremely usefull module to have during the building-phase!
  6. Ah, great! a bit weird that print_r does not show everything, but it's good that I can look at it in the Docs here. This was just a fast test, I'm clicking all kinds of things at the moment to test it all out. This installation is getting deleted for sure since it is bound to get messed up at some point. But yeah: English is not my native language 😅
  7. Hi @Jan Romero, thank you for the extensive answer! Extremely helpfull! I am aware that ProcessWire does generate the HTML/JS-markup, that is exactly what I was looking for before I came across it 🙂 I am testing the multi-image field, and for the use-case I come across a lot it is perfect, so thank you or that. I have found the example-code how to extract the info for the various images so I've managed to do that, but that did get me wondering what information I can use through the $page-variable in the template. I have done a (very rudementiry) print_r($page), but that seems to be incomplete somehow as it does not meniton the caroussel (which is how I named the field). Is there anyway to see what gets sent along in $page?
  8. Hi all, I am trying out ProcessWire on my XAMPP-installation to test out how I could use it in real-life situations. I have already found out a couple of things that are quite promising! I do have a question about generating specific things for the Home-page. A lot of times (most of the times in fact), a client will ask for an image caroussel on top of the home-page, or blocks where they can draw attention to specific things (I don't know the official term for them, but I call them attention blocks, I mean the sort of thing that is directly under the blue block on the top of the processwire.com-homepage about why clients love processwire). What is a good way to generate these things with processwire? In the case of the image caroussel, you would want to have multiple items where the home-page then loops through (much like it loops through the pages to generate a navigationmenu)...
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