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  1. Tried replacing Pagefile.php, and it works for me thanks! =) J
  2. Hey there, nice module. I'm using it for percentages to set fluid sizes and such. I ran into a small issue, it seems like it always ignores the default value - i can't get it to be 100% as default, for example thanks for any input!
  3. Hi there, seems like I got the same issue. Files arent deleted in the file structure after deleting in the cms. server has PHP Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.17
  4. Perfect, thanks. Thats the answer I was hoping for! J
  5. Hello there. Quick question about something I couldnt find out by scanning the forum: Can I add a second language with the multilanguage text fieldtypes and still keep the existing content. Ie. can I translate a website with an existing content and structure, or do I have to plan the multilanguage support from the beginning? thanks! J
  6. Thanks for the input! In my current project the 'Create New' option covers most of my scenarios quite nicely. Although, FYI, for more complex structures it's quite impressive how the subsection manager has a search field to find 'joined' items, and how you can create structures with several layers of hierarchy in one single page, that still are intuitive for the client to edit. J
  7. Hello there, Just getting started with processwire for a project. Pretty smooth so far! There is one thing I'm missing is "inline" many-to-many. The ability to add pages 'joined' together similar to symphonys subsection manager http://symphony-cms.com/download/extensions/view/41121/ As if the repeater field would actually adds new instances somewhere else in the hiearchy as well as edit inline. This so that the client wouldn't have to edit bits and pieces of data in different places in the page hierarchy. It seems to me this isn't possible, but perhaps I'm missing something. So I thought I'd check thanks! J
  8. Hello, I'm new to processwire. I was wondering if there is a way to do the above, but to reference a specific image with some kind of id? From this thanks for any eventual input, j
  9. Hello! I'm here from Symphony CMS. I'm just about to try this CMS out for a smaller project. Looking forward! I have one basic question. I'd like to avoid wysiwyg (TinyMCE) as it offers too many options (especially the possibility to resize the images). I'd rather have the client insert images with some kind of tag. Like "{image_22}" or something, for more precise control. Would this be possible with processwire, what would be the best way to get about? In symphony I would make a composite type with the help of 'subsection manager' that contains the image and an ID, that can be dragged into a place in the text thanks! J
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