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  1. thanks, forgot to mention, $page->all_list; is a page list (page field), not child pages. So find doesn't seem to work No other way to non-destructively filter a PageArray? Can I clone a PageArray? Is there a way to force reload of the original items? J
  2. hi, if i do $stuff = $page->all_list; $stuff->filter('parent.name!=thing') echo $stuff // subset of all_list, all good But, how do i get all_list again? (How do I reload all items) $stuff2 = $page->all_list; //returns filtered list = not good thanks =) J
  3. Ha! I had a feeling this fit better in PW. Thank you so much for the explanation! And, "parent.on_frontpage=1" that is really really nice! If I can convince the client to make the jump I'll post my progress here. I would start by simulating this setup to see what response times I'll be getting. cheers, J *ps. didn't know about the spaces thing, good to know.
  4. Hi, I'm considering switching CMS from Symphony CMS for an existing project. The project is a bit of a resource hog and I wonder if a switch would help. But also, any general input about the architecture is welcome. Maybe there is a better way (a Processwire way) to solve this. – The website is an event database, events are hiearchial up to 3 levels. In other words, events can have sub-events and sub-sub-events. – Each event has one or more time spans attached to it, since they often happen more than once. – Model overview attached below there are 500 events with a total of 1000 time-spans, this should be able to grow ten-folds the coming years. Say 10.000 time-spans on 5000 events. The front page consists of two parts 1. calendar and 2. overview Problem 1. Is this too slow? There is no such thing as "index" on time ? Calendar would be (say 100 results out of the total 10.000 time-spans) $times = $pages->find("parent=/events, template=time, time.date_end > $today"); //too slow? foreach($times as $time) { $event = $time->parent; //display event info for each time it happens } Problem 2. How can i filter by time-spans that are children-pages? I would want to do something like this, (but I guess I can't do that) – filter on child page values? $pages->find("parent=/events, template=event, on_frontpage=1, children.enddate > $today"); So my question is if it's possible to do something like this with snappy response times in processwire. Hope it makes sense as a question! rgds, J
  5. thanks, my searching powers failed me there for a second, j
  6. Hi, is there to set PageListSelect to nothing, once a value has been set? thanks! J
  7. no biggie, made an easy workaround by using another variable for setting and overriding the range slider value J
  8. Ah, it's simpler than I thought. I don't seem to be able to set any value in php of a range slider field $my_page->my_rangeslider = whatever integer always becomes echo $my_page->my_rangeslider; // 1
  9. Hi, ran into a weird range slider error. I have a range slider "size" with a number 1-3. Sometimes I want to override the value in the cms by doing $my_page->size = 3, or similar. Works fine most of the cases, except in one particular page where I get Error: Exception: Page '/page/path/' is not currently viewable. (in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/vandejong/wire/modules/PageRender.module line 218) ...if I try to echo $my_page->size. If I try to set it, it becomes "1" regardless of what value I try to set it to. anyone seen this? thanks! J
  10. Here is my user scenario: I often run into the scenario where the frontpage shows perhaps the latest 10 posts, and the rest equals the archive. The editor usually would like to manually order the newest 10-20 posts, and forget about the rest – the rest is found other ways (filtering / tagging / archive). Currently the editors need to move things from the 'frontpage' into the 'archive', not a big problem, but they just need to be aware of the two different locations.
  11. sorry, found http://processwire.com/talk/topic/417-extending-image-field/?hl=%2Bimage+%2Bdescription after posting <- this solves it for me
  12. Hello, Is there a way I can add more data fields than description field attached to image? Simply multiple description fields would already help a lot. I often find myself wanting to couple more data with an image. I know I could use a repeater field, but then I loose multiple upload, a killer feature for the editors. j
  13. thanks! no direct solution but helpful
  14. Hi, is there a way to let a newly added page appear on top of the list in the backend instead on the bottom? (without loosing manual sorting) tried searching but couldn't find anything - hope I didn't miss some similar post thanks! J
  15. amazing, now I just need to rethink my structure
  16. soma, seems to work pretty goood thanks!!
  17. Soma, that looks pretty sweet. I tried it but didn't get the little pen icon to show up on my list - any special prerequisites I should know about? tx!
  18. Hello, I ran into this issue: When using markdown as text filter the default language isn't fetched (if the alternate textarea isn't filled out) Disable markdown and it works fine Ion PW 2.2.3 An upgrade might help in my case, perhaps? edit: Problem remains in 2.3 – I suppose a empty textfield with markdown isnt empty, maybe ther is a <p></p> in there or something...
  19. Yep.., PageListSelectMultiple makes ordering a non-issue If I would use that to build my structure. What do you think about an edit link on the PageListSelectMultiple? Attaching sketch. Just to see what you think. @apeisa: This is maybe what you ment with fredi in the backend? Didn't get it before, sorry. Yes that would be very close to the SSM!
  20. Actually, about order, PageListSelectMultiple is pretty close - I can reorder my items, maybe that's what you ment? It's the one I'm using. I wonder if it would be practical (and possible) to build my structure entirely with PageListSelectMultiple's... The difference to SSM is the inline editing and possibility to search for items (only important if more than hundreds to select from). The inline editing makes me not having to be aware where the linked item resides in the tree. J
  21. @Macrura, this is exactly what I'm doing, but with the two drawbacks described in my second post: You can only order things manually in it's main location, everywhere else it would have to be sorted by some field (date for example). And the editor has to be aware about the difference between the main location (the PW CMS tree) and the tagging system (similar to secondary parents) I could also ignore the original location and rely solely on tagging - but then there is no easy way to order things.
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