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  1. Ah, yes, this might be the ticket. Thanks very much for the suggesstion, Adrian. I will certainly take a look!.
  2. This is normally what I'd tell people to do, but we created a function that takes the file upload path and creates a base URL for that document that ends in /download/ instead of the actual file name. This way, once someone uploads a new version of that file, they don't have to hunt down the links to it to update the file extension. For example, this: http://mysite.com/site/assets/files/20008/idf_v2.pdf Gets changed to this: http://mysite.com/site/assets/files/identity-finder/download/ The /download/ URL is available for people to copy from the browser, but I can't figure out how to display this link in the editor, which would save a step.
  3. Hello, ProcessWire novice here trying to help document managing and linking a bit easier for our site editors. When our editors upload documents to a document container page in the ProcessWire editor and need to grab the URL of any of those documents, they normally just view that document page in a browser and copy the link it from there with a right-click: What I'd like to do is also display these URLs within the editor so people can grab the full URL from there without having to look at it in a browser. From what I can tell, ProcessWire doesn't have an admin field that would allow me to display the results of something like this when a file has been uploaded. echo "<a href=$file->url'>$file->name</a> Should I look for a module for something like? Or is there a way to do this already? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Russ
  4. Thanks so much, DaveP and adrian! I had originally tried the instruction to "Download and place the module folder named "ProcessPageTreeMigrator" in: /site/modules/." I removed the files and installed both using "Add Module From URL..." and both installed fine. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I have successfully installed ProcessMigrator, but when I install Migrator Wordpress into my modules directory and check for new modules in PW, I get an error as a result, it seems, of PW looking for a file called 'MigratorAbstract.php' that isn't in the module download: Warning: require_once(/modules/ProcessMigrator/MigratorAbstract.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /modules/MigratorWordpress/MigratorWordpress.module on line 7 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/modules/ProcessMigrator/MigratorAbstract.php' (include_path='.:/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.10/lib/php') in /modules/MigratorWordpress/MigratorWordpress.module on line 7 Compile Error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/modules/ProcessMigrator/MigratorAbstract.php' (include_path='.:/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.10/lib/php') (line 7 of /modules/MigratorWordpress/MigratorWordpress.module) This error message was shown because site is in debug mode ($config->debug = true; in /site/config.php). Error has been logged. I appreciate any help on this. Moose
  6. Thanks so much, diogo, for the info and that link. Much appreciated.
  7. Hello, My organization has been migrating to PWire over the past couple of years, and many of our users used to be on Wordpress. They got used to - and of course very fond of - being able to auto-save drafts and preview changes while editing for both unpublished and published pages and are asking if the same functionality will be coming for the new CMS, PWire. They don't like having to save live edits without the option of previewing. I did test the auto-save module, but it didn't seem to offer the option to preview before saving. Are there any plans for this kind of auto-save/preview function in core? Thanks! RC
  8. Thanks, all. I've decided to just re-direct the landing page with an Apache re-write rule. I will still be able to see the page if necessary through a back-door.
  9. Hi Wanze, Not exactly, although that would be very useful in other instances. In this case, the landing page is really just an index that is not meant to be visible, whereas its children need to be published and linked to from other sections of the site as well as from various marketing material, print and electronic. Thank you for the redirect code, however. I can make use of that, too.
  10. Hello, I have a landing page for several sections of our website that are "special features." http://www.keene.edu/featured/ Is there a way in the Pwire CMS to make the landing page invisible or re-direct elsewhere while leaving its children published? I'd like to prevent people from walking up the directory tree to the landing page. I know I can do this with a simple Apache rewrite rule, but was wondering if there's a way to do in Pwire as well. Thanks!
  11. Yes, thank you for this, Ryan. I was afraid I was looking at mucking around with a PHP update. Running PW 2.2.8 on PHP 5.3.5, btw. Cheers.
  12. I just added a file upload field to my detail page template. In the field detail, valid file extensions are: pdf doc docx xls xlsx gif jpg jpeg png. However, when I go to upload a file to a page - a pdf for example - I get this error: "pdf is a invalid file extension, please use one of:" Do I have to somehow whitelist these file-types somewhere in the backend? Or perhaps this is a permissions issue? Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. Hi, Total newb here who just downloaded the Pwire demo, running on Leopard with MAMP. I wanted to install a different admin theme, and when I created the '/site/templates-admin/' folder, loaded the Dark Night theme and reloaded my admin page, I got this error: Compile Error require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/pwire/site/templates-admin/controller.php' (include_path='.:/Applications/MAMP/bin/php5.2/lib/php') (line 13 of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/pwire/site/templates/admin.php) Does this appear to be a problem with my PHP installation? Thanks for any advice. Edit: Nevermind...I just had the directory structure wrong. All set now. - moose1
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