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  1. Hi guys, I would like to allow any file extension to be uploaded on a certain field, I'm aware of the security implications but this field would only be used by myself, I've tried "*" wildcard but that does not seem to work
  2. jep, I saw the topic but it's not a chmod 777 problem, I think it has something to do with the salt parameter in the config conflicting with the user already in the DB? looking into the module, trying to automate it, thanks for the tip!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to build my own install file to be able to start every new PW install with a fixed number of fields, So far I've dumped my previous PW database into a .SQL file and included it in the install.sql, during the install it nicely imports all my database settings into my newly installed database but I do have a problem with the admin user, when I try to login I get a any ideas how I can fix this or copy a database into a new install profile?
  4. I'm thinking of using SSHFS (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/sshfs.html) to mount a remote NFS disk and mount it on my frontend servers so they all use the same shared filesserver, I'll let you know how things go
  5. Hi Soma, love your plugin, timesaver! just quick note: the link on the http://processwire.com/download/modules/ links to the old forumpost, maybe ryan can update it to the new one so more people can enjoy faster development
  6. Hi, I'm currently trying to setup a multi server setup here and I was wondering if anybody has any experience in saving the /site/assets/files to a different server, currently I have a front-end templates server, a backend mysql server and a fileserver setup, I'm trying to implement PW into this flow, anybody has done this before? Kind regards!
  7. Hi Netcarver, thx so much for your help, managed to get it up and running, now testing a nginx in the cloud with assets on an amazon S3 and shared database, that should give me enough breathing room to let this baby grow
  8. Hi Netcarver, I'm currently transferring some PW projects to a nginx server, can you give some more details about important steps to make this less painfull?
  9. Hi Ryan, Thanks for your answer, php 5.1 was a typo, I'm using 5.3.2 I've done some tests running processwire as mod_cgi and running processwire as mod apache, both running a bare bone github install (main repo from today) and called a execution time and you're right: mod_cgi is a tiny tiny bit faster but uses alot more RAM while doing so (after 1000 refreshes, mod_cgi spiked at almost 300Mb in cycle, while mod_apache stayed at a steady 68Mb) runtimes (after 1000 calls) mod_cgi: page runtime: 0.0476528 sec mod apache: page runtime: 0.0479234 sec so I'm switching my server to mod apache, and looking into APC Love your markupCache, I've been succcessfully using it on 2 projects now (caching large header elements) Looking forward to the new Page > write to filesystem or not again, thanks for everything!
  10. Hi everyone, let me first start off by expressing how much I love Processwire, I've succesfully integrated it with about 8 sites now and I'm just so in love with the simplicity (we love you ryan ) I was wondering how processwire scores on the performance/serverload front, how much processwires can I run on my VM with how much ram and are there any recommoned server apache settings? currently I'm running an ubuntu with 4GB ram and 3 cores (1,6Ghz each), I'm using php 5.1 with mod_cgi and the 8 processwire sites use about 1,6GB of RAM, having about 50k visitors/month across these sites I'm wondering how processwire will perform in case of 100k - 200k - 500k - 1M visitors, will the session system last (I noticed it's writing a cached file to the filesystem)? also: what's the limit with the "new Page();" command, is it creating a new directory for every created page, what's the limit (the filesystem? the amout of ram?)
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