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  1. Joynal

    Thanks again @adrian Now it makes more sense to me.
  2. Joynal

    Sorry, I don't have any Autocontent configuration like your screenshot. Please see this screenshot.
  3. Joynal

    There is no faker formatter option for per field, It will be more convenient if every field has separate formatter.
  4. Joynal

    Ohh, my mistake, I got it now. Thanks @adrian
  5. Joynal

    Hi guys, I just installed and tested this module. I'm trying to generate page with dummy data. AutoContent module only fills page title field and other fields remain empty. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  6. Joynal

    Thanks @LostKobrakai
  7. Joynal

    How can I migrate dummy data for repeater field and image for image field?
  8. Joynal

    Sorry guys my font name was incorrect, now everything working fine.
  9. Joynal

    @Mike Rockett So your JSON/YML configuration based form functionality is not ready yet?
  10. Hi, I am new to processwire. I need font-awesome icon for my project, so I linked font awesome css file and which is working fine (the css file). But processwire returning 404 instead of font.