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  1. Thanks @LostKobrakai ! hum how can I use that to display the result in a page field (in the backend) ? I know it's pretty easy in the frontend but in a page that can be edited, I'm not sure...
  2. Hi ! I'd like to know if there is a way to "select" the max value among selected fields. I have to select the higher hour field of a group of pages (with the same template) and display it on another field (page type) in a backend page. Could be "max(hours)" with mysql. I hope I'm clear Thank you guyz !
  3. Hello all ! Just because I'm proud to be featured by Snipcart (js ecommerce solution) about my integration on my Processwire based website ! This post talks about Processwire and how I've done it : https://snipcart.com/blog/case-study-ateliers-fromagers-processwire If you wanna take a look at my website : https://www.ateliersfromagers.com/ (french & english) Have a good day everyone ! S
  4. Hello guyz who have the same problem, how did you resolve the issue ? (404 after adding a product to the cart) Thank you friends ! Edit : It seems that it is the lang variable in the url that causes the problem. Adding the language in the form action url solves the problem. But I have several languages, I thought Padloper worked with multilingual website isn't it ? Thanks !
  5. Hi Antti, could you add me to the Padloper forum please ? I just bought your module and have a 404 error when adding a product to the cart. Also, I have a question about tax, where I live, tax are about 14.975%, your number format is just with 2 decimals on the tax module I think. Thank you !
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