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  1. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for your work! :))
  2. Okay.... With this, I can override the output in my module. /** * ProcessWire Selector Inputfield JS - Override * * ProcessWire 2.x * Copyright (C) 2015 by Ryan Cramer * This file licensed under Mozilla Public License v2.0 http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ * * https://processwire.com * */ $(document).ready(function() { if( InputfieldSelector ){ //disable XHR header on these fields InputfieldSelector.noXHR = ['groups']; //disable XHR header InputfieldSelector.removeXHR = function(){ $.ajaxSettings.beforeSend=function(xhr){ xhr.setRequestHeader('X-Requested-With', {toString: function(){ return ''; }}); }; } //enable XHR header InputfieldSelector.addXHR = function(){ $.ajaxSettings.beforeSend=function(xhr){ xhr.setRequestHeader('X-Requested-With', {toString: function(){ return 'XMLHttpRequest'; }}); }; } //override changefield function InputfieldSelector.changeField = function($select) { //console.log('changeField'); var $select = $(this); var field = $select.val(); if(!field || field.length == 0) return; if(field == 'toggle-names-labels') return InputfieldSelector.changeFieldToggle($select); var $row = $select.parents('.selector-row'); var action = 'opval'; $row.children('.opval').html(''); $select.attr('data-selected', field); // so we can remember previous value var $hiddenInput = $select.parents('.InputfieldSelector').find('.selector-value'); // .selector-value intentional! var name = $hiddenInput.attr('name'); var type = $select.attr('data-type'); if(field.match(/\.$/)) { action = 'subfield'; if(field.indexOf('@') > -1) field = field.substring(1, field.length-1); else field = field.substring(0, field.length-1); $row.addClass('has-subfield'); } else if(field.match(/\.id$/)) { field = 'id'; action = 'opval'; type = 'selector'; } else if($select.is(".select-field")) { $row.children('.subfield').html(''); $row.removeClass('has-subfield'); } //on certain fields disable XHR if( -1 != InputfieldSelector.noXHR.indexOf(field) ){ InputfieldSelector.removeXHR(); } var url = './?InputfieldSelector=' + action + '&field=' + field + '&type=' + type + '&name=' + name; var $spinner = $(InputfieldSelector.spinner); $row.append($spinner); $.get(url, function(data) { $spinner.remove(); var $data = $(data); $data.hide(); if(action == 'opval') { var $opval = $row.children('.opval'); $opval.html('').append($data); $opval.children(':not(.input-or)').fadeIn('fast'); //$data.fadeIn('fast'); InputfieldSelector.changeAny($select); var $ac = $opval.find(".input-value-autocomplete"); if($ac.length > 0) InputfieldSelector.setupAutocomplete($ac, field, name); } else { var $subfield = $row.children('.subfield'); $subfield.html('').append($data); $data.fadeIn('fast'); //$row.children('.subfield').html(data); } InputfieldSelector.normalizeHeightRow($row); //ensure to add XHR back in InputfieldSelector.addXHR(); // this ensures that datepickers don't get confused with each other $row.closest('.InputfieldContent').find(".hasDatepicker").datepicker('destroy').removeAttr('id').removeClass('hasDatepicker'); }); }; } });
  3. Hi, I've been trying to figure this out for two days now, but I cant seem to solve the issue without core modification, which is not the good way to go for sure. I have nested hidden pages under a page called groups, and I customised the page lister module a bit extending the ProcessUser class (called processOffers) I have a custom JSTree module to select from these groups, so multiple selection is possible. My problem is,when click on the filters, and select groups in the lister module, I can see only the first level (which is a parent directory), but not the nested ones what I need. I tried to catch the ajax call in my processOffers module, but seems like the control never reach my module, instead it goes to the InputfieldSelector::renderOpval straight, so I have no way to override it or write a hook or anything. One thing I noticed is if I copy the ajax query and paste it into my browser url, it invokes my processOffers class, but it doesn't do it if I do it via ajax! ( ...backend/offers/?InputfieldSelector=opval&field=groups&type=&name=filters) > Update: Okay, so this one is because of the X-Requested-With:XMLHttpRequest header. How could I list the nested pages as a flat list or how could I interact with this ajax call to override the result?
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