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  1. rsi

    thanks for your suggestions. is there a hook i could use to process the TextArea before writing to the database? it seems like a hack to me to use jquery to inject a class that i could add to the tag the moment i create it and never touch it again. instead of adding it to client side code... but that's probably my idea of doing it the clear/right way... still i'm interested in how to configure CKE in processwire... where do i put config files? how do i name them? do i have to write a plugin? is there a primer on CKE in processwire and i just haven't found it?! thank you all!!
  2. rsi

    thank you for your help. using jquery is a way and i have thought about it...
  3. rsi

    Hi everyone! I have to say that i am so happy that i have found Processwire. It is great to work with, although I'm just starting and am probably doing many things more complicated than necessary I am at a point now where I would like to automatically add a certain class (img-responsive) to images that are added to a page via CKEditor. I tried to find information on how to customize CKEditor and i found 61 pages here on this forum, but i had a hard time figuring out where to put a config.js file or how to call it! Writing a plugin for CKE is what came up most, but it seemed a bit too much... Maybe there is a basic introduction to CKE in processwire that i missed? Please someone point me in the right direction thank you all!
  4. hello and thanks for any help! i have been playing around with processwire for some time but i could not manage to get my language setup the way i need it. i am a pw noob and i might be missing a central point here - so please help me find my way the default language for my site is german and english is the second option. we don't care about the backend, just about the site. my problem is as follows: 1. i installed pw with the site-language profile. 2. deleted finnish and german 3. renamed english to german -> thats when the webserver more or less freezes for some time (10min) 4. created a new language english that works fine (exept the freeze), but when i create a new page, the default language (german) gets "en" added to the path i don't get it - it's the default language and it is set to not add the language prefix in the path. (root url serves default language) the second language doesn't have the prefix... maybe there is a better way to do it... start with a blank profile.... thanks! ABOUT THE FREEZE: I found out that it was a snort rule that banned me for 15min, again and again. According to my admin snort said: http_inspect, unknown method