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  1. Hi @funtoosh, are you shure the locales you need are enabled on your system? Login your Linux server using SSH and type in this command: locale -a
  2. Hi, I figured out why I keep getting the error message, even after following the guidelines. I needed to enable the locale (in my case: nl_BE.UTF-8) on our Debian VPS
  3. Hey @rickI have also tried this using the $languages->setLocale() method, whitout succes.
  4. Hi, I had the same error after updating to PW 3.0.61. After putting the values (nl_NL.UTF-8 & fr_FR.UTF-8) in the translation files as @abdus mentioned, I still got the error. Someone an idea how this can be solved?
  5. This is a very nice module, but when I try to validate a LocalBusiness schema using Google Search structured data tester, it don't validate. I got some error message like: Google doesn't recognise property streetAddress for an object of the type LocalBusiness. Same for addressLocality , addressRegion, .... Got the same problem when I try to valicate an article. Thank's for your help!
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