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  1. well, could it be any easier?! Nice. Thanks, kongondo!
  2. it seems that the way to restrict ability to author pages is through roles and templates. Is there a way to disallow a user with a given role to edit pages that a different author created, so that users of that role can create pages and only edit those pages which they themselves have created?
  3. Thanks! ! This is right on. WIll try it today.😊
  4. I want to return a repeater object in my pages by matching the value of a field within the repeater. In docs, it says repeater can be treated like a page, but what does that mean for this sort of case? for example, my repeater might be named: 'word_object', which includes fields 'this_word', 'definition', etc. and i want to return a word_object where the field 'this_word' == 'apple'
  5. Maybe I am crazy, but I looked in the 'Store' tab to see if there was a processwire t-shirt I could order.
  6. I really enjoy building my site and my online apps on top of process wire. For lack of better words, it's just cool. Thanks for such a fantastic product.

  7. Doing a fresh install of processwire to test sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will give that a try.
  8. Thanks for reply, szabesz. Here's what I find in the php.error.log, which doesn't sound like a fatal sort: PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Wire has a deprecated constructor in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/wire/core/Wire.php on line 47 No errors in the other two logs. but comes up on MAMP website page: 500 Internal Server error Suggestions?
  9. Back to this thread again...I still haven't gotten a setup working. I've tried installing MAMP on my Mac mini but am getting server error there, too. I modified the config.php file in the site folder: $config->dbHost = 'localhost'; $config->dbName = 'name_of_my_db'; $config->dbUser = 'root'; $config->dbPass = 'root'; $config->dbPort = '3306'; and copied wire and site folders to the htdocs folder in the MAMP application folder, along with index.php and htaccess files, and imported the database. If anyone knows what part of the recipe I'm missing, I'd appreciate the kind help!
  10. ​Not sure what's the problem. I really appreciate the help. But still getting the 500 server error. Permissions seem to be right on folders and files. Also checked the dev site against the operational one, and files and folders match accordingly (0755 and 0644) Fortunately not an urgent problem for me right now.
  11. Seems I've missed something. Getting a 500 internal server error. Copied folders and files as described, and used phpadmin to export my database and then created a new db and imported the exported one. Modified the site/config.php file to point to it (tried pointing to original database, too), but getting the internal server error. Are there some permissions that need modifying? also I see something in the config file: $config->httpHosts = array('www.mysite.com', 'mysite.com'); should this be modified to specify the subdomain? (though I did try it and it did not fix my internal server error)
  12. What is involved in copying my processwire site to a subdomain, aside from copying the files and making a copy of the database?
  13. Thanks a lot. This is all great information. I think I'm going to try going the route you suggest, Horst. I followed a couple of those relevant threads and think I'll start exploring some of those tools. It seems like a solution I can wrap my mind around, and a cleaner way of doing what I'm already doing.
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