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  1. I was looking for a way to make template with fields programatically. But I think this is not happening. What you are suggesting is adding fields that are already made inside database. But thanks.
  2. I was looking for code sample where I can attach a textarea for setting up a content in my page. And I wanted to do it programatically. But I can't find a way to do that. Is it possible to add a content textarea with program?
  3. Sorry for posting it again. I posted the same thing it in another forum. There I found some basic tutorial from a person. That was helpful, but still I need some direct answers. I need to understand how I can, 1. Submit a form ? 2. Then load it into a table from database. Can anyone there simply teach me this?
  4. This means I have to save form data as a page?
  5. Like most of the people I started with WordPress. But for some reason WordPress was too hard for me. Then I found Processwire and it seems very easy for me. But still I have some problems with many small things. I think programming is mostly about input, output and how do we process things. But I am facing many holes now and then in the tutorials. I am going to give some specification: 1. I found a tut where form submission was demonstrated . There I found that there is a special way to get the form input. It was with processInput() method. But that method is not working correctly. 2. I found no specification about how I save a form data into database . 3. I have to use $this->modules->get() , $modules->get() I think I will face many more problems later. What is wrong with me? Am I too beginner for this? Or am I missing something?
  6. Could you please give me some more insights about basic form submission?
  7. I want to create this same thing where I can add attributes to the program like the program I gave. I want to do this for frontend text input field.
  8. This thing might sound weird , but I would like to make a similar class that can make HTML element like this: $inputfield = $modules->get('InputfieldText'); $inputfield->label = 'Your Name'; $inputfield->attr('name', 'your_name'); $inputfield->attr('value', 'Roderigo'); // Add to a $form (InputfieldForm or InputfieldWrapper) $form->add($inputfield); How can I make a class so that I can make simple text input fields with the code. I am not very good at OOP. It would be a great thing to learn.
  9. This is the exact thing that I was wanting. Thanks for the share. 🥰
  10. I want to make a form for my personal entries. And I also want this on admin menu. How can I do that? Finding tutorials for CMS is very hard these days.
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