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  1. @kixe Thanks for the quick reply. So if i change to https the error should be gone?
  2. I recently had one of my website's tested on security and the following error came out. The following cookie does do not have the Secure cookie flag: Cookie name: wire, Path: /, Secure Flag: 0 Can anybody explain to me what this means and what the security risk are here?
  3. Sorry... I mean that would be perfect! And you're right it doesn't need much styling. I just like it to have the same feeling as the rest of the website. Right now i've added a little extra code to have an extra option like {adminURL}. I'm registrating users that only work on the front-end. Each user is bound to a location and for the front-end login url I need the parent name of the location. So for now i added this extra code to the parseBody function: elseif($field == "location") { $pageId = $page->$field; $replacement = "http://".wire($pageId)->parent->name.".".wire('config')->httpHost; } i don't know if there is an other easier way to do this?
  4. Hi, I'd like to add a styled email to new users but when I use the Email body field i can't use html. What would be the best way to add a custom email template?
  5. I got it to work! The problem was that I was using $.post in jQuery to sent the data to de PDF template. Since $.post doesn't actually goes to the page i added an extra event to load the page. But by doing this i emptied the $POST session... stupid. What i'm doing now is first creating a form and setting the img as value and then submitting the form. $("body").append($("<form></form>").attr({ "action": PDFurl, "method": "post", "id" : "postForm" }) .append($('<input>').attr({ "type": "hidden", "name": "img", "value": imgChart.prop("outerHTML") })) ).find("#postForm").submit();
  6. I am able to create the image on a button click but how would I post it to the PDF template. I tried using $.post but when i try to var_dump the $POST in the PDF it returns an empty array.
  7. Hi Bernhard, Thanks! I have been looking into that one as well but in terms of styling the options seem to be quite limited.
  8. Thanks for the great plugin! I'm trying to put a piechart in a PDF page. I understand using Javascript is not supported in PDF but with Google Charts it's possible to create an image for print/PDF. So i thought maybe in my template i can first run the Javascript to render an image and use that image in de PDF. This unfortunately doen't work. Is there a way to run some javascript to render an element before the PDF is created?
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