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  1. I like the logo personally. Fits the site. Pleasant, bright and does it's job perfectly friend.
  2. I was looking through the site show case forum and there are a lot of awesome sites. The most common down fall is the context/language. I think it would be a huge improvement to improve the language support in the core.
  3. Very well designed site. I love the approach of keeping it fast loading and still easy to navigate, read and sort through. Excellent job friend.
  4. Very nice feature to add. Simple, fast and very functional. Thank you Mac.
  5. gemini

    A note of thanks

    Thanks LostKobraKai, I look forward to learning and sharing as well. So glad my old CMS forced me to move on. So far it is fast, user friendly and the Forums are a HUGE wealth of great information.
  6. gemini

    A note of thanks

    The tutorials for getting started were excellent resources. Awesome starter to go with a solid core. loving PW.
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