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Found 3 results

  1. I have HootSuite running for social media management. One thing I like to do is have separate streams running for various CMS I have an interest in. This means I can quickly see all posts mentioning CMS A, CMS B, CMS C etc in a dedicated stream. Makes it easy to follow community topics and product developments etc. But it also makes it easy to gauge social media chatter in relation to a CMS. One thing I've always noticed is how few mentions and tweets PW gets compared to other CMS. IMHO we have a very active and enthusiastic community (as evident from the forums) but a relatively quiet community when it comes to Twitter and Facebook. I'm guilty of this myself but the same thing occurs to me every time I see those three social media streams lined up side by side. Why is it that users of CMS B and CMS A are so vocal on twitter, google plus etc and quick to promote their CMS when PW gets a mention or re-tweet only every second of third day? Incidentally, the 2 other CMS I follow are not huge platforms where you'd naturally expect thousands of tweets a day in comparison to ProcessWire. Anyway, the above occurred to me again after reading Ryan's roadmap post where there was specific mention of This was followed by mention of : curiously there was no mention of social media. Is there an unintentional prejudice against Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook etc that we're not aware of? Ok, it's an odd question but I thought it'd be worth a check. ProcessWire is growing in userbase, the forums are attracting new members weekly, the CMS itself is a work of art, we have wonderful blog updates on a weekly basis and we have Teppo's PW Weekly too. That energy and excitement seems to ripple out so far and then stop when it reaches an invisible social media force field...
  2. You can make your custom sharing widgets using sharrre and PW.. doesn't take long! 1.) Download http://sharrre.com/ 2.) put sharrre.php in templates 3.) put jquery.sharrre.min.js in your scripts folder. 4.) add the new template to PW 5.) add new hidden page using that template; call it anything (example 'sharrre') 6.) include the script in your output; 7.) in your custom js file setup your js; make sure to put in the correct urlCurl to your page using the sharrre.php for example: /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* SHARRRE /*-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ $('#shareme').sharrre({ share: { twitter: true, facebook: true, googlePlus: true }, urlCurl: '/sharrre/', template: '<div class="box"><div class="left">Share</div><div class="middle"><a href="#" class="facebook">f</a><a href="#" class="twitter">t</a><a href="#" class="googleplus">+1</a></div><div class="right">{total}</div></div>', enableHover: false, enableTracking: true, render: function(api, options){ $(api.element).on('click', '.twitter', function() { api.openPopup('twitter'); }); $(api.element).on('click', '.facebook', function() { api.openPopup('facebook'); }); $(api.element).on('click', '.googleplus', function() { api.openPopup('googlePlus'); }); } }); Note: there are other themes - see the website... grab the CSS that goes with this JS setup: http://sharrre.com/example2.html 8.) somewhere on your page, put the relevant markup: <div id="sharrre"> <div id="shareme" data-url="<?php echo $page->httpUrl?>" data-text="Share this page"></div> </div> works for me on 3 sites so far.. - - - N.B. There is now a comprehensive module for social sharing buttons by Soma which is probably easier to setup and more flexible, though using Sharrre can still have some applications. Also, it is possible that Sharrre is no longer maintained and may not still work without some intervention... not sure as I have not researched this issue..
  3. If you want to integrate Google+ Comments in your ProcessWire website, just follow the instructions from an article on Browsing the Net. In summary, insert the following HTML code into your template: <script src="https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"></script> <g:comments href="<?=$page->httpUrl?>" width="642" first_party_property="BLOGGER" view_type="FILTERED_POSTMOD"></g:comments> Change the width accordingly and in case you have a Google+ profile, link your page with Google+ profile to enable moderation features.
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