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  1. Thank you guys for your answers. I didn't want to be rough. Let's imagine that you have: latest articles on main page list of related articles on several other pages one full article page If you'll update just one page (article) it would affect all other connected pages. That's rather more than just one user issue. Captain Earth: Saving a page is not a problem, because it happens not so often and doesn't affect guest users (who is the most part of audience) Hero Member: It's more simplier for me to tell editor do not save page too fast than ask him to crawl all over pages affected by one edited article. I don't understand why are you talking about free tool, because i needed to buy ProCache for using it. Sorry, i didn't notice that it is not ProCache thread.
  2. Why you talking so much about context? The only purpose for me to cache before first load is provide faster page loading for guests (they are the most part of site visitors). That's very important if you need to update site content many times a day (for example at news sites). I thought ProCache has such feachure, but it doesn't. So i have to work hard on crontab tasks that will crawl entire site every minute to make page load fast for EVERY user. Why you talking about resources in times when hardware becomes cheaper every day? User experience is more valuable than resources. The last thing: why should i care about cache expiration? It should be updated ("expired") only if it's content is changed (and then cached again).
  3. Hello. I'm trying to implement language switching by using GET-parameter. Can you help me to understand how hook works? if ( $_GET['lang'] == 'en'){ wire()->addHookBefore('Page::render', function($event){ $user->language = $languages->get("en"); $user->save(); }); } What am I doing wrong?
  4. It seems processwire missed ProcessProfile module I've installed it in module manager and LanguageSupport install error disappeared
  5. Hello, guys. I've just updated processwire to 2.6.6 dev and i get the same error when trying to install LanguageSupport module What's the problem? How to fix it? I could provide any information that helps. Any ideas?
  6. I got these errors when i'm trying ti install LanguageSupport module Thank you, i will try to update and report about results.
  7. i'm on 2.5.25 dev and still cannot find a solution
  8. Hello. I've just installed clean ProcessWire 2.5.25 dev When i'm trying to install LanguageSupport i get this error: No module specified Module Install - Installed ProcessLanguage Created fieldgroup: language (107) Created field: language_files_site Created field: language_files Created Template: language Created Default Language Page: /pwadmin/setup/languages/default/ Installed ProcessLanguageTranslator Created Language Translator Page: /pwadmin/setup/language-translator/ Created Langage Field: language Unable to install module 'LanguageSupport': Unable to find ID for Module 'ProcessProfile' Failed module dependency: ProcessLanguage requires LanguageSupport Failed module dependency: ProcessLanguageTranslator requires LanguageSupport Why it happened? How should I install LanguageSupport?
  9. I've got literally the same issue Anybody knows why?
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