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  1. Hey Sephiroth, thanks a lot for this nice tutorial. Could you provide a repo with this dummy project? I guess this would help a lot to understand connections.
  2. Hey there, i just installed a PW 2.7.2 instance on an apache server. Installation went fine, no errors. I've already handled several projects using PW. But this time I can't find the page tree in my backend navigation (see first screenshot). Has there anything changed? I recently used PW 2.7.0 for another project with the page tree visible in the backend (see second screenshot). I know I can handle with .../processwire/page/ but it is essential for my authors that using the backend for creating and editing pages. Thanks for your help. Best, Julian
  3. Hey. Super cool. Thank you very much. It works perfekt for me. I do not need cropping right now, so I am totally fine with it. This support here makes PW even better. Great Work!
  4. Jep. I got it. Thanks for helping me at this point. I'll try to contact the original author but I appreciate it a lot if you'll try to do further research. Thanks.
  5. I am using PW 2.5.3 with PHP Version 5.3.29 and I'm handling it just how you explained it: $image->width(320) I just tried the same with your example gif and it works fine. Obviously there is something wrong with my files. These are images with pretty high resolution. Are there any limitations due to this? Here are two example gifs in original dimensions. http://wp11019870.server-he.de/cms/site/assets/files/1097/animation2.gif http://wp11019870.server-he.de/cms/site/assets/files/1164/kjosk_heuteineinemtag_06-1.gif Thanks!
  6. Hey there, would be great if you could provide the php code for the above mentioned example, so I can see how the usage works. When i try to resize an animated Gif with this module I got something like this: http://wp11019870.server-he.de/cms/site/assets/files/1177/test4.320x0.gif Any ideas? Best, Julian
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