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  1. grumpy

    Gallery index pages

    Thank you for that, Peter. On my site it is not quite that simple. The child page shows the reverse side of the card but also has different text. I will bear in mind what you have suggested though.
  2. grumpy

    Gallery index pages

    I have a helper now, thanks.
  3. grumpy

    Gallery index pages

    An area of my site has pages of picture postcards, one card per page and with one child page each of the reverse side of the card. These pages of postcard images are curently grouped into 10 geographical areas. I want each area to have a gallery index of thumbnails (max height or width 250px) each linked to the main postcard page and each with a caption below displaying the same wording as the target page Headline. It might also be good to have the gallery index subdivided into pages of maybe 20 or so thumbnails as some areas may have 100 or so target pages. Take a look at: http://www.the-limes.com/postcards/chalfont-st-peter/ This looks as though I've cracked it (apart from breaking it down into sub-pages) but if you read my forum post: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10116-unexpected-layout-of-images/#entry96465 starting from reply#5, you will see that I haven't. I'm not up to coding this on my own - I'm very much a novice. Would anyone like to make me an offer? I'm testing the water here. And I'm definitely out of my depth!
  4. I've just been playing around with it a bit more. I can now sort of see what the problem is. There are two issues: 1. The thumbnail and caption are not automatically 'grouped' when added to the page (this makes drag and drop rearranging a total pain - virtually impossible) 2. When introducing a new thumbnail image to a page containing captioned thumbnails it is impossible to get it to insert at a place where it is not overwriting an existing image.
  5. I don't have textarea under my list of fields. There is FieldtypeTextarea in my core modules. The thumbnails are going into the Body of my page and in the template this is designated as Textarea. If I go to 'Body' from Fields and then select the Details tab then the content type is currently Markup/HTML.
  6. tpr: I've set the max_input_vars to 10000 in my domain control panel (the htaccess method wasn't working). My current settings are: max_input_nesting_level 64 64 max_input_time 60 60 max_input_vars 10000 10000 The problem is still there with these setttings. To narrow things down I have tried deleting all the thumbnail links from the page and have found the following as i try to set it up again: If I add thumbnails without a caption onto the page and add a link to each, I can add as many as I like. If I then edit those captionless thumbnail links and add a caption to each, there is no problem If I try to add thumbnails with a caption to the empty page, then the first one works fine, the second one overwrites the first one's image and leaves the first caption unchanged. LostKobrakai: This error is apparent both in the editor mode and in the browser viewed mode. Where do I check the image-management (content type) setting for the textarea?
  7. I've pasted 'php_value max_input_vars 2000' at the bottom of my .htaccess immediately above the '# END PROCESSWIRE HTACCESS DIRECTIVES' section. It has made no difference. An attempt to add a fifteenth thumbnail link still doesn't work. It overwrites the thumbnail image of number 14 with image 15 but leaves its caption unchanged as caption 14. If I then go to edit the properties of the thumbnail it shows caption 15 in the image editing window. If I upload it I have to change the caption to the correct one in the page editor. Everything had been going very smoothly until this problem with the fifteenth thumbnail. It doesn't appear to be specific to any one pc or browser.
  8. Could it be something to do with the images being in a 'figure' tag wrapper? Do I need to specify the maximum files allowed for 'figure' and if so how and where?
  9. Yes, I'd already checked that one. My existing setting is: Edit Field: images, Detail tab, Maximum Files Allowed=0. I've tried changing the setting to 100 but it makes no difference.
  10. Is there a setting somewhere limiting the size of pages or number of images on a page? If you look at: http://www.the-limes.com/postcards/the-colony/ when I try to add a fifteenth thumbnail link it just overwrites an existing one...
  11. I am using PW Intermediate profile as my starting point. I am developing pages to display my collection of local historical postcards. There are various gallery style index pages which give access to the individual image pages. The galleries have the images in the body, and when viewed normally in a browser they display as many images per row as the screen allows. For example see: http://www.the-limes.com/postcards/gerrards-cross/ My problem arises when I give these gallery images an image description and tick the caption box. The result when viewed normally in a browser is a single column of images, i.e. they no longer appear as rows of images. See: http://www.the-limes.com/postcards/chalfont-st-giles/ Please will someone explain what I have missed? Thanks.
  12. Thank you, Horst, I'll try and muddle through that one. I'll get there in the end - I don't give up!
  13. You were absolutely right about that. I did it and finally I have an image with a watermark. Thank you very much for your help. That's the good news... BUT..... please look at: http://www.the-limes.com/postcards/chalfont-st-peter/chalfont-st-peter-001/ We have made new images at the head of the document (including watermarking the green png button which didn't want watermarking) and the image which did need to be watermarked does not have one. If I store the postcard images (without watermark) in a protected directory on my website is PIM able to watermark them as they are called for by the postcard template?
  14. In case it helps, to give the fatal error etc. (see above) my amended postcard template read (I've since reverted it to the original error): <?php // postcard.php template file // See README.txt for more information // Primary content is the page's body copy $content = $page->body; $png = $pages->get('/tools/')->watermarkfield; foreach($page->images as $image) { $watermarked_image = $image->pimLoad('tw', true)->width(500)->watermarkLogo($png, 'southwest', 0)->pimSave(); echo "<img src='{$watermarked_image->url}' />"; }
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