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  1. Thanks! @kongondo I already stumbled over this thread and your helpful post. In my case I couldn't disable the HTML Purifier, because it is mandatory with inline editor fields. But I'm happy with the Hanna Code workaround so far. P.s. For everyone, who also wants to embed responsive videos manually. You can use the html and style like the video embed module does: <div class="VideoEmbed" style="position:relative;padding:30px 0 56.25% 0;height:0;overflow:hidden;"> <iframe style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;" width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yourvideoidhere" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> </div>
  2. Same here. PW 2.6.17 It still works with my local server, but stopped working on the web server. That's why I switched to "Hanna Code" for YouTube embeds now. (I had to, because by using the text editor source-button as a workaround, the HTML Purifier seems to strip out iframes inside of inline editor fields. And I couldn't figure out how to allow this with the HTML Purifier settings.)
  3. At first I thought this is a bug and double checked all my role permission settings : ) So, another +1 for having the delete button optionally visible for other roles. I think this should be consistent and convenient.
  4. I'm not quite sure and also asked myself this question. Looks like, we have to investigate further.
  5. @Juergen and all multi language friends: In this thread post #88 "kixe" has posted an update to Ryans template with added language alternate-links like recommended by google for multilanguage support. This seems to work fine so far.
  6. By the way, if you also have to deal with asian languages, like chinese or japanese – have a look here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2154220/truncate-a-multibyte-string-to-n-chars
  7. I think I found another simple approach to this topic. Just add a specific word to your page title (only for the default language). Let's say your page is called "Regional Products". You can add the word "french" for example and name it "Regional Products (french)". The french Multi-Language-Title can still be translated to ›Produits régionaux‹, without any additions. Now you are able to filter your listings with the Selectors API. And find all pages which doesn't contain your specific word in the default-language title. !title*='french' If you are using the nice module MarkupSimpleNavigation the options setting looks like this: $options = array( // selector: page-filter for default lang, if word is contained in page-title "selector" => "!title*='french'" ); The result is the specific pages are filtered within the default language and they are still listed for the 'activated' languages under the Settings-Tab.
  8. Pinegrow is really powerful, I'm using it till a few months for building basic template structures. You can even use it with your editor of choice, every change is updated live (this also can be turned off). It's a bit similar to ›Webflow‹, but it's a standalone app and supports standard-frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, …) which is a big plus. I think Webflow is at its current state an interesting way for designing prototypes in the first place. (if you don't mind working in the cloud)
  9. Thanks Lostkobrakai, for your input and reminding me of the precious and easy to use fieldset tabs. I'm still overlooking these gems.
  10. This is probably a future topic: I'm wondering, if it's possible to divide the page content into tabs for each language? (in order to avoid having tabs for every textfield) Let's say there would be just one tab per language next or below to the page content-tab. (e.g. could be called LanguagePageTabs) Wouldn't this be nice and resulting in a cleaner interface while editing? Especially with a couple of different languages and a few more content-fields I would find it easier to keep track of the content. Then of course the question is how to handle Non-MultiLanguageFields, which will have to be not editable and grayed out for example. I guess such a different approach is a bit out of range for this great module. But anyway, I just want to share my thought. P.s. Because I only have a dozen pages with slightly a different structure and different images, I'm considering to build separate trees without using the multi-language modules. I stumbled upon the PageReferencesTab Module and my idea is to use it for referencing the different page-languages with the default one. This way the editor can jump from a page with the default language to a referenced different one. This is the idea so far
  11. This is really great, it works like a charm. By the way I've changed dl.accordion > dt > a.open:before { content: '-'; } to dl.accordion > dt > a.open:after { content: '-'; } In my case the minus-sign was jumping before the panel headline, probably related to my Css-Bootstrap setup. Thanks so much renobird! Edit: In your demo-fiddle it's also 'a.open:after', maybe this is a tiny bug in the master on line 35.
  12. Thanks again renobird, for considering your module. One last question, I assume it's safe to install with PW 2.5? There's currently a note in the install process: "This module does not indicate compatibility with this version of ProcessWire. It may still work, but you may want to check with the module author."
  13. Thanks horst! I've watched a ps tutorial and was able to recover some bits of personality.
  14. Thanks for pointing me to your nice module, I appreciate it and will take a look.
  15. The Profields Table seems to be a good fit for me in order to multiply accordion panels. So I want to add a +1 for the ability to use the ckeditor editor inside the table (perhaps in inline mode). This would be perfect for small text-formatting adjustments and even adding images with the ›insert image-button‹. Currently I use a workaround with an extra text-field inside every table-row for manually inserting an image-path. P.s. Processwire is just wow!
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