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  1. This is about usability , no rants and raves and it's a very simple solution. With all complicated systems we code and focus on documentation and quirks later which stops adopt-ability. I code to make it fool-proof. It saves a lot of time in support etc later on.
  2. There should be a link back to the Cleanup which is external from the 2nd step of the install process. 1. Uninstall. 2. Install. 3. See install failure due to not cleaning up. 4. Cannot reach Cleanup page as not installed. I would put the cleanup page with the install page so it can be accessed. 5. Manually delete everything, if you miss one thing, you have to start all over again. Solution: Create a separate link to the cleanup page highlighting the SQL syntax to drop all relevant data. Cannot install Blog fields. Some field names already in use. These are: blog_body, blog_categories, blog_comments, blog_comments_view, blog_comments_max. A role called 'blog-author' already exists! Due to the above errors, the install wizard did not run. Make necessary changes and try again. SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'blog-author-30' for key 'name_parent_id' this is after manually uninstalling and deleting everything 4 times now. During the install it stops halfway through saying the field already exists from the >>>CURRENT<< install attempt. How could it? I checked the fields it references, deleted the field and ran it again. It now says a different field already exists.
  3. I'm fully aware its a two step process. However I forgot about the cleanup and clicked uninstall. This is about usability and this is not usable. Considering the average user is not expected to look at the uninstall page to uninstall a module with a button called uninstall on it. "Uninstall this module? After uninstalling, you may remove the modules files from the server if it is not in use by any other modules. UninstallThis will also uninstall other modules - MarkupBlog, BlogPublishDate" Where does it say anything about Cleanup here? I have already deleted the role blog-author and still get the same error. I tried deleting everything manually, twice and still get this error. I have checked every table and field I can think of and cannot find blog-author-30.
  4. Having a problem uninstalling. When you uninstall you have to manually delete fields etc, BUT as you have already uninstalled you cannot access blog-> cleanup. Could you please add a link or text above uninstall to ask "Would you like to delete the fields as well?" as I cannot now reinstall: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'blog-author-30' for key 'name_parent_id' Tried manually deleting everything in the database but still get this error Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help! I think processwire is great and your blog is a great step as it saves so much work. Oh also may be a good idea to add it to the first screenshot in this forum section as you have the admin pages but not what it looks like at the front end. I know the video has a finished site (last link), but it wasn't clear what a default site would look like)
  6. No problem, Just took me a week to figure out what was going on. When I did a manual install I noticed I could choose site template whereas the Bitnami processwire installer didn't. What would be really helpful is if in the ProcessBlog page on the module download ... http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-blog/ ...you put a screenshot of what the blog should look like. (eg above picture in post) I could not figure out what the blog was supposed to look like so kept modifying things trying to get it to work. If i had an image to refer to I would have known straight away something was wrong. To those familiar with processwire/css/php it would have been apparent but I am completely new to processwire thanks
  7. HI, I was literally about to post the same thing, this second. Here is what has happened if anyone else is experiencing this issue: 1. Install XAMMP on windows 2. Install bitnami processwire. Here is where we have the first problem. The bitnami processwire install does NOT allow you to choose which site template and installs the intermediate site template by default. You CANNOT choose an empty site. 3. If you do a manual install of processwire you can install a blank site. 4. When you install processblog, copy over the CSS and JS folders, or edit the blog-main.inc to point to the where you have copied the new files. 5. Edit EACH template file in the BLOG section (Admin > Setup > templates > files > tick the checkbox " Disable automatic append of file: _main.php" then the blog will work. 6. To make things additionally confusing (to a beginner) the intermediate site template has home/about links as does the blog and the blog jumps back to the main site intermediate template. The home / about / links are completely different. To reiterate, the Bitnami processwire install does not allow a blank site template.
  8. Hi, This is a default 2.5.2 processwire install so I havent changed my paths... So just to be clear I have to change all the referenced files in blog-main.inc before installing ProcessBlog? Or can I change them after? Should blog-main.inc be in the site/templates folder as it's not there in my installation tia. Edit: I have reinstalled and can see the blog but the formatting/layout is incorrect. I've moved: css/pocketgrid.css css/blog.css js/blog.js into site/templates
  9. @ kongondo I’ve been playing around with processblog for a week and uninstalled etc etc. I finally found out a few things that are going wrong during the install: 1. The processwire install uses this file structure for the default template: errors scripts styles 2. But when installed the source shows: <link rel="stylesheet" href="/pw/site/templates/css/pocketgrid.css" /><!-- The PocketGrid --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/pw/site/templates/css/blog.css" /><!-- Custom Styles --> This means these css files are never accessed. If I copy them manually they work, sort of. My blog looks nothing like the screenshort consisting of only 1 column etc. Ive installed and re installed in different directories etc, but it makes no difference. I've manually created the css directories and copied the files over into the tempaltes directory which changes some of hte colours/formatting but it's clearly not picking up all the files it needs. How can I install processblog into processwire to make sure it works? I can only think that the blog.js etc files aren't being referenced? tia
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