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  1. Thanks. i've checked the demo sample and i agree with this solution, at the first time it was a little bit strange but now i understand the structure of PW.
  2. good, i didn't think about this, however i think creating hidden pages is not a clear solution for this kind of purpose but i will try.
  3. I need to create profile pages o a website. A profile contains a field named country. When i create a new profile i want to have a select with all the countries i can choose. I saw i can have this linking pages and choosing a page with a select but i cannot create a page for every country. Is there a better solution? Thanks
  4. As i said it's a little improvement, like a "fine tuning". P.S.: keywords are no more considered by google.
  5. The reason is for SEO optimization. It's just a little improvement but i always use this kind of url structure. If it's not too complicated it could be fine.
  6. Hello, first i want to say thanks for this great CMS. Now the question: it's possible to change the url structure for example from /page-name/ to /page-name.html ? And for subpages /main-page/subpage.html Thanks
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