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  1. I agree this is a cool idea. But what's wrong with using mysqldump to migrate the database and just copy the site over to production?
  2. Sorry for the necro post, but did you ever make this into a module? And I was thinking about using Angular.js as my front end framework, and use processwire to just send JSON kinda like an API approach to leverage PW for the backend. Like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15623967/should-i-mix-angularjs-with-a-php-framework Good idea?
  3. I was trying to get a PHP dev job for creating a CMS type app with wordpress so I did a bunch of google searches to learn more. (I develop in a Java web framework) After googleing about PHP frameworks I came across Laravel which seemed promising. Then as I googled more about CMS and wordpress and laravel some how I came across PW. It seemed like a nice platform to start one and maybe I would integrate a framework into it, but soon I found that it's really all you need to create cool web apps!
  4. Wanted to add my two cents. I just did the reverse, I transferred a site from my web server host to my local XAMPP on Mac OSX 10.9.3. I was having php write issues for some reason. There was an error saying processwire couldnt write to the assets/sessions folder. And I ended up using chmod -R 777 on my site directory, which I know would not be a good solution on your production site. What did I need to do to be more secure, just give php the permission somehow?
  5. I too get the error as if there are failed login attempts. Does this mean that doing the session->login attempt, to check if the user is logged in is creating a failed attempt when I just load the page? Is that the reason for the error, that processwire thinks there is a bad login attempt? Thanks. EDIT: I tried the Try/Catch solution you posted and now at least I don't go to a blank page with that error. But I still have the problem that for some reason the session throttle will tell me that I have to wait 60 seconds to login again after I logged out(logout redirects to the login page), and return back to the login page. Seems to me that the session throttle should not be invoked here??? Also it's weird that it says 60 seconds, where before it would start at like 15 and work its way up to 60.
  6. But it doesn't look like ProcessWire users template is accessable to the admin menu. Like I can't assign a template to the PW user template.
  7. Another question, would I be able to have the pages for users linked to the ProcessWire users? That way I could use the permissions and roles already in ProcessWire instead of having to create pages for Roles/Permissions.
  8. Wow thanks for the great answers guys, it really helps! Now I understand the structure better. Here's another scenario, can I have multiple users that belong to an event?(looks like changing the input type of the field to 'select multiple' will do this, but how can I get the users into a page?) Also what happens if there are two locations with the same name, how can I refer to them uniquely since there is no primary key to go by? Right now I created a field called locationObject to serve as the list of locations. I made it a field type of Page. Now to get it to select all of the Location pages, do I go to input > selectable pages > and select Location template? I also added a page under the Home page, and set the 'parent of selectable pages' to this page that i called locationsparent. And I made the input type select.
  9. So if I wanted to, I could just use Templates to model data. Creating a template is equivalent to modeling a table from the sounds of it. For example say I have a DB schema with the normal PW stuff like Users, Roles, Permissions, and then I want to model data for locations, events, and relate users to locations, relate events to users, relate events to locations etc. How would I model the relationships between tables with templates, is that even possible/recommended? I guess you could make a child template that represents the relationship table. The app that I'm creating would let users create their own personal 'page', where other users can go and schedule events with them dependent on locations and there will be some other relationships in there too.
  10. Hi I am looking into ProcessWire to build an application. I am used to building applications that have db models separated out, which is nice and organized for building the application. I would also want to separate out a lot of the logic for the application(more in a Model View/Presenter fashion) and have seen some people are doing MVC with ProcessWire. But I wonder if I use pages, would this be similar to having models? I read somewhere that Users are pages in processwire, and user attributes can be fields of these pages. So maybe pages are one of the magic ingredients in PW? Can/should I do the same for other db models in the application(use pages as the models), or would I better be served by integrating an MVCmodule into PW, or using Laravel with PW? It's starting to seem like PW is a very different type of framework and can do all the MVC stuff, but in a slightly different paradigm, and that Pages are like the model, and Templates are the View/Presenter/Controller. And you could separate out the controller if you wanted to create some classes and implement some routing if you wanted.
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