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  1. @bernhard Hi! The main problem with removing fields from the example is that when you work on a large project in different branches, the data structure in the project can change. The main advantage of the classical approach to migrations is that regardless of which commit you moved to the current one, you can restore the structure to the current one. In your example, we can only add new fields and slightly change the settings for existing ones, but for this we need the code to be present in the project. But what to do if a person missed the changes to delete fields, change their type, or skipped conversion operations? Because this code was in one commit, but the present one simply describes the required fields, templates, etc.? I see that in this case we will have to contain a thick piece of exceptions, where there will be checks for deletion, transformations performed, etc., and this piece will become larger and larger as the project lives, especially if there is a significant difference between releases and branches. I really liked the presentation of the project and its description, but unfortunately I could not accept it, since I cannot aggregate the necessary migration from commit to commit.
  2. tree home (1) - color (1001) - - cat kitty (1011) - - cat dogs (1012) - - cat pidgin (1013) - property (1002) - other page (1003) - - cat worms (1031) - note (1004) field.place_in_dir (PageSelect[PageListMultiple]) = 1011, 1012, 1031 selector (field.title=color|property|other), all good match! selector (field.title%=cat), 0 =( selector (field.title=cat dogs), 0 =( selector (field.title=cat kitty), 0 =( selector (field.title=cat worms), 0 =( but selector (field.id=1011), selector (field.id=1012), All found! repeated with filed.name, also found all. I am looking for notes that are linked to categories Because of the error, it is necessary to find the notes separately, since I can not search for them by title
  3. Before the update, the session remained in assets/session Once, in default PHP directory
  4. step 1. Select 1,2,3 page and save look 1. save the page, it works step 2. click save again look 2. Field page is empty now step 3. replace wire-2.6.6 on wire-2.6.5 = it works!
  5. Now, click Add, there is a tree, we choose the wood is gone. But! I want to select multiple objects that are now seeing, their could be 5-15-20, I want to select them all until I see. Please do not hide the tree until I finish choose.
  6. output page filter by roles, output in admin and other areas, all good! on Change select page "Page 1022 is not valid for manager" Custom selector to find selectable pages > roles=manager
  7. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5773032/how-to-stop-gd2-from-washing-away-the-colors-upon-resizing-images
  8. sadly A pity no full recursion
  9. level1=1 print_r($input->post->level1) return [level1] = 1 level1[level2] = 1 print_r($input->post->level1) return [level1][level2] =1 level1[level2][level3] = 1 print_r($input->post->level1) return null how to fix it!? processWire 2.4
  10. Canvas is part of the image, you need to get a proportional output image 150x150, where space will be drawn in a solid color (white for example). Canvas image it's canvas image. http://www.php.net/manual/de/imagickdraw.setviewbox.php
  11. I have an image 500x300 I need to apply the resizing to 150x150 without cutting edge. Thus in any case, I need to have the image canvas size 150x150 When you use $ image->size (150, 150), we obtain the desired result (cropping). When using $ image->size (150, 150, array ('cropping' => false)) our image circumcised according to the greatest height, canvas change proportionally. / / 150x90. Need an image 150x90 position in the center of the canvas 150x150. You can do this using the API?
  12. Velery it's good $file_target = $config->paths->files . $target_page_id . '/' . 'puffy54.gif'; replace via API $file_target = $page->filesManager()->path; . 'puffy54.gif';
  13. Good! Just show me how to get the path to the server folder assets through API, and show me where the class description PagefilesManager
  14. There is a link leading to the file, need download it, and put it in the page How this can be done using the correct API?
  15. i see in dev and view fix, sorry 144 line $value = mb_strtolower($value); reply for 2.3.1 ver
  16. Error that capital letters of the Latin alphabet are not cut as: 1. Cyrillic capital letters not in the list of replacement. 2. $ v = iconv ("UTF-8", "ASCII / / TRANSLIT / / IGNORE", $ value); hates Cyrillic //before Рaz Дva Тri after ?az ?va ?ri 3. just strtolower, does not translate to lower case letters Cyrillic alphabet for multilingual mb_strtolower need to use since it is based on the Unicode This is a mistake, and it is treated in two ways. 1. Expanding the list of replacements. or 2. Initially bringing value to lowercase function through mb_strtolower I note that on the client side so there is no error, as well js translate uppercase to lower I think it was a mistake, because the realization of the transliteration into front-end and back-end are different, the best realization on front-end side more Ы = i, as sibling И real example creat page from fron-end //STOCKS in Cyrilic "АКЦИИ", field name autofill translate akcii, batch create via api void error as name '' rules transliteration in russia via GOST 7.79-2000(b) as it ISO 9 Транслитерация ГОСТ 7.79-2000 (Б) а = a б = b в = v г = g д = d е = e ё = yo ж = zh з = z и = i й = j к = k л = l м = m н = n о = o п = p р = r с = s т = t у = u ф = f х = kh ц = cz,c ч = ch ш = sh щ = shh ъ = '' ы = y' ь = ' э = e' ю = yu я = ya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9
  17. Dear Ryan, please correct the transliteration in the page name on the side of back-end. Error that large letters (non-Latin) are simply removed. //Раз Два Три One Two Tri - az-va-ri-one-two-tri Error can be corrected in Sanitizer.php 129 line public function pageName ($ value, $ beautify = false) { if initially lead all to lowercase using the mb_strtolower $ value = mb_strtolower ($ value); //Раз Два Три One Two Tri - raz-dva-tri-one-two-tri and InputfieldPageName.module 'ю' => 'iu', 'я' => 'ia', in countries where the use of the Cyrillic alphabet. by using the Latin alphabet transliteration written through Y 'ю' => 'yu', 'я' => 'ya', And so, very often Ю, written as Y
  18. How it you declare children? You just save them with the current parent? And then we go to the parent, I understand you correctly? I think if you add them through ->add everything else, should work correctly
  19. А можешь подробнее описать, что именно не так, по твоему? Просто не очень понимаю откуда именно у тебя берется $mypage, просто мне когда нужна специфичная страница, изначально всегда её объявляю в шапке ( $homepage = $pages->get('/') ) и дальше использую. Все объекты с данным классом и все их методы отрабатывают как положено, не смотря на контекст, даже есть пример с рекурсией в файлах страницы через которые можно получить страницы на которых они объявлены, что бы вновь получить список файлов.
  20. Decided for myself that it is possible to use the property pattern, because after the $ form-> processInput ($ this-> input-> post), if not match, an error will be. Correct if I'm wrong.
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