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  1. As of (12.2018) we have this: https://processwire.com/api/ref/field/get-label/g/
  2. RT @PsicotecnicoBiz: En coche, en bici, incluso andando..mejor detenerse pasa usar el móvil https://t.co/ktVFKmok8U

  3. RT @PsicotecnicoBiz: Nuestros perritos se merecen también viajar seguros! https://t.co/zvYWed5QKG

  4. I have submited the Spanish es-ES for ProcessWire 3.0.x 100% Translated, if not, let me know. Pull requests, contributors,... are all welcome. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/pw_spanish/ Enjoy. .a
  5. I have translated processWire 3.0.x nearly from scratch, as I felt the current "official" translation was way too outdated. So if anyone is interested: https://github.com/biojazzard/pw_spanish Enjoy. .a
  6. This happened to me today. Clean your cache/FileCompiler folder. For me its gone. .a
  7. RT @codepo8: Exhaustive list of Mac Software for Web Dev https://t.co/FH1hGNOuQ4

  8. Espero que Río 2016 sean las últimas Olimpiadas ASCII y podamos ver los nombres de los atletas correctamente escritos en Tokyo 2020...

  9. @mariaArrue a olvidar...

  10. RT @Rich_Harris: Working with audio on the mobile web is about as much fun as a UTI, so I made an open source library. Have at it --> https…

  11. RT @GoogleSmallBiz: The #SmallBizGames are here! A new digital marketing challenge each day for two weeks. Check back tomorrow for more. ht…

  12. RT @roberlunes: https://t.co/MhO6tH8vtF

  13. RT @josueguren: Venga a descalzarse en los aeropuertos, que para comprar trilita, munición y pistolas semiautomáticas ya está Internet.

  14. @philsturgeon @Gawker psychos are taking control in all kinds of orgs. Same here.

  15. RT @colochef: Donuts in flight in first US-approved drone delivery https://t.co/C6bNVCowQI

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