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  1. Hello Juergen, I like the PrivacyText feature but I'm struggling to find a way to translate the text without touching the source file? Thanks for your great work!
  2. Hello Juergen, So far I've not found a way to have the below behaviour for the filed description. How can I have the field description for the input tag inside the field (using the placeholder option in the example below <input type="text" name="event-registration-first-name" id="event-registration-first-name" class="form-control required" value="" placeholder="Enter your First Name"> which get's rendered as Thanks!
  3. +1 vote for a MarkItUp! module It really looks awesome.
  4. xweb


    I can't speek for Spree but Prestashop is awsome. Open-source build in PHP and with lots of features, I've used it in the past and did not regret. Give it a try. AM
  5. Hello all, What would be the correct way to share a variable between different partials and views? I have a View where I add a Javascript object but only in the scripts.html.php I can instantiate it (after scripts are inserted in the html file). Obviously I don't want to use a global variable Thanks!
  6. i would like to second this last post, if those two characters could be included in the default install that would be great. Thanks AM
  7. I'd never thought that xdebug could be the issue here and therefore didn't even tried to search for it. Making the change suggested in one of the post about xdebug solved this issue. Sorry for the false alarm.
  8. @stanimal - Ok, found it. Either you change the documentation or the implementation ;-) If you have a page called 'foo-bar' or 'foo_bar' using the 'Baz' template then you can optionally put a function called page_foo_bar in your BazController which will be called for that page. The part of page_ is on line 49 of the Controller.php function call() { $func = 'page_'.f8\Strings::snake_case($this->page->name); Works beatifull! AM
  9. @stanimal - I gave the names override_view_name as the example in your documentation but I was trying a simple example with a basic-page template and page named Contactos. I suppose the function below contactos should we called? class BasicPageController extends ApplicationController { function index() { return $this->render( array( 'extraScripts' => array('themes/js/jquery-1.10.1.js','bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js','themes/js/jquery.flexslider.js','js/main.js') ) ); } function contactos() { return $this->render('')->set_layout('contactos'); } } Somehow I've been unable to do this until now. Thanks AM
  10. I'm using the latest development version of Processwire with a simple template (see attached tplProduct.png). The only thing that is somehow more complicated is the Categorias field that is of type Page, with details "Single page (Page) or empty page (NullPage) when none selected" and the Input Field is of type PageListSelectMultiple. Now this is for a Product Catalog where I have the Categories on a branch of the tree and use them as a field in the Product page. I create this all using a script that does a CSV import and everything works fine here. When I try to make a change in the backoffice I get warning and in the end a fatal error :-( First: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/vagrant/public_html/mp/wire/core/Page.php on line 318 Second: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/vagrant/public_html/mp/wire/core/Page.php on line 318 Last: Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in /home/vagrant/public_html/mp/wire/core/Field.php on line 386 Could someone shed some light here? What stupid error is it that I'm doing, that I can't find out? Thanks Adelino
  11. I find the topic interesting and having got in contact with Rails recently the approach seems very nice. One thing I have not been able to do is the usage of other layout besides the application.html.php that is defined by default. I can't get the override_view_name and page_specific to be called. It would be nice to have a more complete example and for instance one that would make usage of different layout, as in the real world ´ Keep up the great work! AM
  12. There is one thing I did not mention... I'm using a fresh install but with the Bootstrap profile. I tried this setup again with the default site and everything is working fine. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hello, I just tried your module in a fresh PW install following the steps you outlined in the first post. Everytime I try to upload a image I get these two errors: pme_power_foto.jpg - Invalid file extension, please use one of: Missing required value (ImagesUpload) Any idea what's wrong?
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