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  1. @Pierre-Luc you're now a contributor. To my knowledge, Guillaume and achabany were the first to work on it, and then me a while after. @Christophe Interesting link, thank's.
  2. Hi guys, sorry I was a kinda far away. I've accepted the merge on my github. I should be able to accept any merge in the future. To note we now have a branch with an incomplete translation for 2.3 that have most important strings translated (create pages, users, etc..). Master is the version of Pierre-Luc (2.5.3). A big thank's to Pierre-Luc for the amazing job at finishing the translation! I cannot change the default repository, but if someone feels the need I don't have any objections.
  3. That's good to know, I don't stop learning new things! Thank's for your hard work on the CMS and your active participation in the forum!
  4. Hi! So I guess my best bet for now is to create an inputfield with tinymce and using an html purifier (I found your module for this), and when the site will get popularity I'll see if I can do anything else to make it more secure. The restricted markup language is an interesting way, when I'll have time I'll try to know more about implementing it correctly. The people that will be using this wysiwyg will be known to us (verified identity and address, etc..), so I'm pretty sure they don't want any legal problems. What I'm afraid the most is things like CSFR and other security problems. But using the form api it's already quite secure, isn't it? I'm not sure what to choose for the image uploader and I'm searching for a simple plugin that does it well. Finding one working with all IE versions is harder than I thought . Thank's for your input, it's appreciated!
  5. I found some code in this forum that helped me: $this->addHookAfter("ProcessPageEdit::buildForm", $this, "hookBuildForm"); // to add to init() public function hookBuildForm(HookEvent $event) { $form = $event->return; if($this->user->hasRole("commercant")) { $fieldset = $form->find("id=ProcessPageEditSettings")->first(); $form->remove($fieldset); } } I hope this is a correct way to do this .
  6. Hi and thank's for your answer! I understand this is quite hard to tell what is causing this problem without precise information. When I'll have a some time in the next weeks, I'll try to replicate what I've done in a fresh install and document each step one by one(and give a .zip). It's probably that I assume wrongly a behavior. For now the problem is "fixed" as I've hidden the settings tab . Thank's for your time!
  7. Hi Ryan! Thank's for your answer! Sadly it's not a profile page. In fact, a part of the website have a directory and everyone of a specific role have a page in it. These users will need to use a wysiwyg and add images in it(wich I think is not possible in the frontend?). So any idea what I can do? Thank's again!
  8. Hi guys! I'm making a website that will have many people with the permission to edit only one page. I wonder if I need to give them the admin URL or not. I tried the module "Fredi", it's pretty good but I can't use images in the WYSIWYG (which is required). I think there's a limitation to images in the frontend, right? And another question: how can I limit in the admin (and in the image selector in the WYSIWYG) the pages they see? I don't want them to see any other pages than the page they own. If there's any tips to help secure the admin for this project, it would be nice to know them too! As always, thank's for your time!
  9. Hi there! I try to add a permission to a certain group so each user will be able to edit his OWN page(wich will be created programmatically). And they must not move the page, even within the same parent. First, the group have only view-page and edit-page permission. And I created a module with this code: public function init() { $this->addHookAfter('Page::editable', $this, 'editable'); } public function editable($event){ $page = $event->object; if($event->return) return; // if it's the role I want to edit permission if($this->user->hasRole("commercant")) { // if it's his page if ($page->created_users_id == $this->user->id) { $event->return = true; } } } I found this strange that there's a button for moving the page (on the page listing).. So I tried it and it doesn't worked, even within the same parent. Not so bad, but I would hope to find a solution to remove the "Move" button. After, I tried to change the parent when editing the page(under settings tab) and it did it with success . So I wonder, is my code have done anything wrong? Quite strange! I use the last dev version. Thank's for your time!
  10. Would I be crazy to use the actual dev branch for a production website and updating it when the stable version comes?
  11. Git is really nice once we grasp it. I'm fairly new with github too, but it's quite easy to use . So I created the repository(people can use it to get the last version): https://github.com/underk/pw_french P.S: Oui je parle francais, d'ailleurs je vais t'envoyer un MP sur ce forum à propos du répertoire.
  12. Hi all, I will post a link in 1 or 2 days for the download link(and repo link) of the french translation. I have done updates here and there. There's much to do so I welcome any help . @eincande Do you have some experience with github? if not it's not a problem, we will be able to collaborate in a different way.
  13. Any progress on french translation? We could create a github to collaborate together.
  14. Akismet needs a key, here's a quote from this page: The only thing that has changed is that wordpress no longer provide API keys.
  15. Superb work. However I would like to let you know that foundation 4 is only supporting IE9+. It is sad because it seems more flexible than bootstrap(which is IE7+). If you can deal with this, then give it a try!
  16. Hi guys, I was going through the docs and read this: on this page The thing is wordpress no more deliver keys, so we just need to remove that part . Cya! P.S.: I was not sure where to post this topic, as it have no real impact I guessed the pub talk was fine. But if you have a suggestion for the next time, I'm all ears.
  17. oh wow it's a complete new world for me then, 7+ years with the other CMS I used is just impossible without constant updates and/or many code rewrite. I guess I can now stop being paranoiac and understand that I can let an older version run without being hacked ^^. I guess this is a benefit of PW being a "little" (active) community compared to the big CMS wich are targeted all the time. Well then, this is exactly the CMS I need for all my project , I wish having found it before! The more I learn about it, the more I like it. Thank's for your answer, it's nice that you are very active in your forum . I would like to "mark solved" the topic with the two answer I got but I guess I can't, thank's to both of you!
  18. Hi, thank's a bunch for your nice answer! As I don't see any module translation I guess then all translations(core + community modules) goes into one topic(e.g: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/926-french-fr-fr/)? All into one github project? ahhh well, I guess I passed too much time worrying about my sites getting hacked with drupal/wp. I find it nice how we handle the switch from mysqli -> PDO, it's reassuring. I guess breaking some little things in 2.x versions will make PW3 less hard to upgrade to(at least I hope ). I think this need to be the default, it would be nice to be more than 5 . thank's for your warm welcome and the time you took for answering me!
  19. Hi guys! I got some questions! How can I be added to a project? For example the french translation of the core seems outdated(not sure if these guys are still around), so I would like to contribute and create a github for it. On the same subject, how do I translate a project and share it "the correct way" with the community? I don't know either where to find those translations. When a release breaks the API, how much time the old version will be supported(security fixes)? And I wonder if this CMS would fitt for my bigger projects: Is this "safe" to use this CMS for websites needing to last 4+ years, without having to do an extreme rework of the site to continue using it(e.g: major version breaks "all the things", must recode half of your code and pray for other modules to be stable before your version becomes unsupported *cough*drupal*cough*)? I understand the needed to evolve, but I prefer it in a way less radical(like using deprecation or any way making it less painful). Last thing: I'm impressed by this friendly community, it really makes me want to use this CMS! (oh and by the way: "The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave.", I think it would be nicer to use the freenode webchat instead ) thank's for your time!
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