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  1. I usually identify the page using the template name or page title something like this: if ($page->template == 'home'){ echo "<script src='path/to/js'></script>"; } //or if ($page->title == 'home'){ echo "<script src='path/to/js'></script>"; } cheers.
  2. Hi All, for some reason I cannot change any content in admin/backend when using google chrome, at first I thought it was the server, but when I tried in firefox everything seems normal. Clearing the cache and everything but no luck. Anyone have the same issue? any suggestion/solutions? I'm using soma's "teflon" admin template btw. cheers.
  3. Hi! another modx refugee reporting in. we should make club or something lol j/k.
  4. Hi FlyerDave I found this tutorial is very useful when learning PW, I'm not an PW expert but I'm always have this http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/ opened when building/templating processwire. with my limited php as I'm more of designer than programmer all I need (for now ) is foreach, if/else, and of course echo. hope this help and sorry for my English.
  5. thanks Martijn. mine was 2.2.9, I'm downloading ver. 2.3 now. I was installing PW on my localhost 2-4 weeks ago, never have time to tried it until today. maybe I skipped/didn't read that, LoL. thanks for the reminder SiNNut.
  6. Hi all. I'm just learning to use PW today and I have a quick question. after installation, is that safe to remove the '/site/install/' folder? and are there any admin theme/modules that has responsive layout/ mobile compatibility?
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