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  1. Funny that this was exactly my first question too =) I wondered why in the example template $child === $page would not be sufficient. Now this post helped to understand that you want to highlight the parent as well. Tat part in the template might be confusing for starters. Maybe explain there in a comment that you could and also would want to highlight both the current page and the parent page.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I actually came across PW on that post about PyroCMS on Nettuts: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/whats-pyrocms/ Some complained about Pyro and how much better PW is ... To this day I cannot understand how Wordpress is so popular even among theme devs, it's soooo freaking cumbersome =/ Another proof that highQualitySolution !== bestSolution Cheers!
  3. Great thorough post. There's also a list compiled by Jeffrey Way of nettuts about that topic: https://tutsplus.com/2012/04/frequent-screencasting-pitfalls/
  4. Hi folks, I just wanted to say hi and that I am very excited to use ProcessWire for future projects. I stumbled upon pw yesterday, read some tutorials, watched some videos, read through the forums a bit, installed pw and tinkered around a bit and I must say I might have found the perfect CMS for my needs. I've tried many CMS but they all seemed too simple, too bloated, or the apis were just plain fugly (looking at you Wordpress). Also the community is small but seems very friendly, personal and professional. Anyway, so I am really looking forward to this =) Greetings from Berlin, Germany Christian
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