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  1. Oh, that helps a lot! Thanks @AndZyk!!??
  2. Thanks @bernhard! Yesterday I was asking myself if my client has been active in the new system as promised and tried to find and filter a managerlog like in my CMS I used before PW. Now I installed ProcessLoginHistory for the future, but the passed data isn't there. Having that functionality in the core from the installation on would make sense for this case, GDPR and system security in general.. in my opinion. Otherwise or maybe anyway I have to use PW-profiles or similar for my new projects to have the basic extensions and customizations directly at hand.
  3. Directly another question.? To save the editor the trouble of entering a dropdown field, I would like to determine the value of a dropdown field in the next (and probably only) pagetree-upper page having a template with template-id e.g. = 50. Is this also possible only with Latte or do I have to determine the value in PHP first?? Thx!?
  4. Thanks to all three of you! Learned something new again. I'm on PHP8 and because the $page object should be existent on every page, this should be sufficient and works great: <body n:class="$page->category?->value"> ??
  5. I am also already in love with Latte, but curiously enough can't find a solution to output a fieldvalue only if it exists. Ideally with short code and output class-tag only if the value exists. What I tried: <body n:class="$page->category->value !== '' ? $page->category->value"> // Unexpected end, expecting for element started on line 46 at column 5 (in '.../sections/header.latte' on line 120 at column 26) {if $page->category->value !== ''}{$page->category->value}{/if} or <body n:class="$page->category->value !== '' ? $page->category->value"> // 2 x PHP Warning: Attempt to read property "value" on null in .../Latte/templates-sections-header.latte--27db76d0dd.php:53 I'm sure it's so easy.? Can you help me out?
  6. I just installed and played around with AdminStyleRock and AdminThemeBoss to be a little bit prepared. Good points! I agree with you. I think it makes sense to design all action related things (mostly buttons) with the same striking color. Normal mode and dark mode should IMO be separated from the color contrast topic. Normal mode bright and friendly. Dark mode to work more relaxed in the dark and to generate less ambient light. Just seen.. with AdminStyleRock the Offcanvas mobile menu looks as if it was not styled. Is that intentional? In any case, the colors are very contrasting. Looking forward to see in a few minutes! Sebastian
  7. Okay, changing a template with same RPB-fields preserves content. But changing the template of a page to a template without the former RPB-field deletes the content. Even if you change the template back. Hope that helps for this topic, which is obviously and unfortunately not of interest for you.
  8. ? So let's go!? For editors who prefer to change content in the backend, editing content/blocks already in 2 or 3 columns is way more natural. Moreover, when selecting "2-column layout" then there are still 3 RPB-fields of which you are not allowed to use the last one, if I understand you right.?
  9. I see it the same way. With the dropdown, two dimensions of the function (action and position) are accommodated together (it's easy to get lost), which can be separated and visually simplified. Action via cut/copy and paste icon. The paste position could be determined by selecting the paste icon before and after each block. This is intuitive for me and is also used by other pagebuilders. But that would mean that it must also be possible to insert new blocks above and below. Which I would very much welcome.?
  10. Great the API is already there.? A cut and copy icon in the context menu in top right of every block would be intuitive, I think. And when having already cutted or copied a block a paste icon in the context menu in top right of every block. If you have a RPB field on template1 and template2 and you have to change the template while having content in the RPB field, the content should not get deleted. Also when having e.g. 1 and 2 column-templates and the editor wants to change the layout on a page from 2 to 1 columns and simply changes the template while having content in RPB fields, the content should not get deleted. If the RPB field on the old template is also in the new template, the content should be preserved (moved in the background/db), if the RPB field does not exists on the new template RPB should asking if/where to paste the content to.? I can now think of two more functions: Drag and drop blocks from on RPB field to another RPB field on the same page. Cut/copy fields in blocks from on page to another.?
  11. Good Morning @bernhard, even though I'm not a trained designer, I'm interested in the topic and I can certainly contribute constructive criticism. And new to Processwire it's also good to get in touch with you and other enthusiasts via video call. If nothing comes up, I'd be there on Friday preferred between 2 - 3 pm (or else 11 - 12 am)! Sebastian
  12. Good morning @bernhard, thx for creating RockPageBuilder! Now I finally have the first real project to work and playing around with it.☺️ If you don't already have this features on your roadmap, I would love to see them added: Cut/Copy and paste blocks between fields from type RockPageBuilder. Persist content (i.e. blocks) when changing the template of a page and asking where to paste content if there are fields missing in the new template (for example changing from 3 column-template to 2 column-template. I can imagine that this is not so easy to implement. In my opinion, however, the functions would be of great added value, especially for large websites with a lot of content. Cheers Sebastian
  13. @kongondo I just switched for the last project from MODX to Processwire and for the next bigger project a media manager is crucial. Your screencast, the ideas and conversations look very promising and I would love to buy and use the new version already. But unfortunately no progress on this for a long time. Can you surprise us?? Can I test or buy the current/old version of the media manager? Your shop seems to be in maintenance mode for a long time, if I‘m not wrong!? Thanks in advance & Cheers Sebastian
  14. That's a good point! Default elements <strong> and <em> are styled in my UIkit-frontend, so I didn't thought about that. In the JSON-file „wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/defaults.json“ I can see that the CSS-classes for text-aligning of elements p,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,td,th,div,(table,)img,figure,audio,video is also defined via placeholder {alignleft}, {aligncenter}, {alignright} and {alignfull}, but I wasn't able to find the place were the values of these placeholders are defined so far.? I suspected in module-configuration of InputfieldTinyMCE, but that's not the case. Via „Default setting overrides JSON (text/file)“ it is certainly possible to overwrite the placeholders, but I am still struggling with the syntax.?
  15. Thanks so much, @7Studio! This works. Now it makes sense, that I saw the placeholders {alignleft}, {aligncenter} and {alignright} in the JSON-file „wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/defaults.json“. Thread-topic solved.? Yes, @AndZyks links are really helpful, but i still have to make friends with the syntax.? What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe me or someone more experienced can help.
  16. @Boost I have the exact same need to see TinyMCE generating the uk-text-left class, instead the align_left one. I tried dozents of JSON-instructions in Default setting overrides JSON text, i.e. { "replace_alignleft": { "classes": "uk-align-left", "selector": "img" }, "replace_aligncenter": { "classes": "uk-align-center", "selector": "img" }, "replace_alignright": { "classes": "uk-align-right", "selector": "img" } } and changed the whitelist (.., img[class=uk-align-left|uk-align-right|uk-align-center], ..) to accept the new classes, but no effect. Did you get it done and if, can you please share your JSON???
  17. Amazing, @bernhard!? Wasn‘t online yesterday and will test it today.? Until then.? Have a great day!☀️
  18. Dear Bernhard, I'm really thankful for your fast help and implementing the new methods.? But as I wrote, compiling of one file worked like a charm, but to completely customize UIkit like this https://getuikit.com/docs/sass#how-to-build (and any other design framework, too) the import function is - at least in my opinion - necessary. And you wrote, it would need some more work for you to implement it. So I tried to follow @snck solution (with imports) and read in the SCSSPHP documentation to get it working and maybe do some groundwork for you!??
  19. Dear @snck, I tried your code above to compile SCSS (UIkit in my case). But I get the following error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function setSourceMap() on null in site/ready.php:26 #0 wire/core/ProcessWire.php (893): include() #1 wire/core/ProcessWire.php (674): ProcessWire->includeFile() #2 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module (511): ProcessWire->setStatus() #3 wire/core/Wire.php (413): ProcessPageView->___ready() #4 wire/core/WireHooks.php (968): Wire->_callMethod() #5 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() ready.php for the code is the right location? Any idea what I can change to make it work? Thx in advance.!?
  20. Please say yes, @bernhard!? ..sorry, @Stefanowitsch?. Today I tested compiling of one single SCSS-file successfully! Very smooth.? Then I tried to include partials for customizing UIkit via @import, but files are not found. Tried this three versions in site.scss (variables-theme.scss is in the same directory): @import "variables-theme"; @import "variables-theme.scss"; @import $config->paths->templates . "scss/variables-theme.scss"; Any idea what I am doing wrong??
  21. Oh.. how could I overlook this last option.? Thanks for the fast answer, @bernhard!??
  22. Wow.. thanks a lot, @bernhard!!? That is great. I'm sure a lot developer will love this oppertunity for SCSS beside LESS. Will test it a soon as possible and will report.? Have a great evening!?
  23. Thx! As far as I discovered, LESS is easy to compile with AIOM+ or your great RockFrontend module!? But I‘m using SCSS for years now, so I prefer this right now.?
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