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Best Place in PW to have custom spl_autoload_register


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Hi there,

From within PW, I call another framework that writes an object to a session variable.

The problem is that PW starts the session before the other framework is called. As a result, when the called framework tries to use the session variable, the class on which the session variable is based was not loaded when PW started the session. As a result, the session variable is set to __PHP_Incomplete_Class.

I'd like to specify my own spl_autoload_register in PW so that I can handle this situation but I'm not sure where the best place is to do this. Any advice much appreciated.


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Hi @netcarver,

No, I haven't but that sounds like a great (and now you say it, very obvious) place to start :)

I've not really used hooks - would you specify that in the page template that ultimately calls the framework or just create some kind of basic autoload module and shove it in there?

Thanks for your quick response!


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