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One page not linked to sub language


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Hi all

I really don't know how to describe this.

Its PW 2.4 Multi-Language website with "Languages Support", "Languages Support - Fields" and "Languages Support - Page Names"

The problem is only in the "Site Info" English page


The Arabic link dose not link to http://www.fh.sa/arabic/site-info/

* And the Arabic is active in the page setting tab.

Any ideas?

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I visited you site and checked your issue. Could you please tell a bit more about your site. Does "Site Info" page use the same template as "About me", for example? If not, check if the code that generates the link is the same. If it is, plese post the code here, so we can see it and make further suggestions.

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No, but I used the own or the same template for my websites page. It have only body and repeater

the link in footer

<a class="footer-link" href="<?php echo $homepage->url; ?>site-info/"><?php $credit = $pages->get("/site-info/");  echo $credit->title; ?></a>

But the problem in the language link and only for one language!

I update the language switcher cod is 100% the same here
Now it show the Arabic title but the link always to default language!

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OK, I have some new info

The website was developed under sup folder http://www.fh.sa/pw/

If I move all the files back to pw folder the problem is gone.

If I move all the files back to root folder the problem is back.

I delete all files in site/assets/cache and site/assets/sessions and change the sessionName in config file but it's the same problem!

What is driving me crazy is that it happen in one page only :wacko:

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