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Inputfield Dependencies - Show field only on certain page possible?


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I would like to show a field only on (a) certain page(s).

I unsuccessfully tried to accomplish this in three different ways:

Show this field only if ...

categories=1030, categories.count=1

But the field keeps appearing on all pages with this template.

I am currently using PW 2.4.7

Any help appreciated :rolleyes:

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    • By suntrop
      I am wondering if it is possible to hide a field depending on the PageTable field. 
      I would like to hide a field when the PageTable has any child-pages saved (or show only, if there are no pages saved). But I couldn't figure out how or if it is supported at all. 
      product_variations.count!=0 // … hides it in any case product_variations='' // … hides it in any case  
    • By sarah_hue
      still amazed by the possibilities of Inputfield Dependencies, but haven't quite figured out how to use it:
      There's pages in different paths:
      HomeNobel prizeLiterature2012Page 1 Page 2 ... Economics2012 2011Page 1 Page 2 ... Yeah, I know, this structure doesn't make much sense at first sight. But trust me, it's elaborated. ;-)
      Now I've used one single template for Page 1, Page 2, etc. and it needs to be all the same. Only the field "topic" is different: I need it to be shown for pages in /nobel-prize/literature/..., but hidden for all other pages (like the ones in /nobel-prize/economics/...). So I put
      path%='literature' as a "Show this field only if"-condition. Doesn't work. What did I misunderstand?
      Thanks a lot
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