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Hi all

Adding "rtl" Right to Left support to the template have no problem rather the website is RTL only or RTL and LTR.

*with a lot of ways

But when it comes to the TinyMCE,

If the website is RTL only it's no problem according to http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration3x:directionality

So in file: /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/InputfieldTinyMCE.js

In the InputfieldTinyMCEConfigDefaults I just add

directionality : "rtl",

But what If I use multi language,

English (ltr) and Arabic (rtl) ?!!

I want the English body filed to show the editor ltr (default display) and the Arabic rtl (showing the content from Right to Left for easy editing)

This screenshot show what is the final result must be:


Its the same problem in CKEditor here

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Hello Adrian,

thank you, the BiDi addon works well.

I also modified file /wire/templates_admin/default.php:

<html lang="<?php echo __('en', __FILE__); // HTML tag lang attribute
/* this intentionally on a separate line */ ?>"
   dir="<?php echo __('ltr'); // HTML tag text direction ltr or rtl
	/* this intentionally on a separate line */ ?>">

Now i can set text direction in the file translation. Users with arabic language will get RTL support in the admin page too. Perhaps this could be PW standard.


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Glad that helped @Torsten17 

I am not someone who deals with multilanguage, but your suggestion sounds good to me, although I would have thought you'd want a double underscore to make the "dir" translatable?

It might be best to make this suggestion in a Github issue so it gets Ryan's attention.

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