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Hello again, I have question about form builder. I need to create classified site for jobs, where users can publish their listings from front end. I would create backend fields for categories, expiration for ads... And I will create one template page, for examle "add", so that users from front end can choose categories etc. and then publish add (listing). Can It be done with form builder?  

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It can. Our sites directory is a good example of this, as it does pretty much everything you describe with FormBuilder. However, we review the submissions before approving them to be published on the site, and I always recommend this even if FormBuilder will let you publish directly. For instance, I've had a few submissions that were spam (though not obvious at first). Anything that gives users access to publish something on your site needs some eyes on it, unless you are dealing with a limited group of trusted users. But FormBuilder will let you do either. 

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