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What page was the caller of render()?


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Hey all,

Did I mention that ever since I started working with PW web development has gone /so/ much faster!

I’d like to ask you a question about the following; I’m building a so called ‘one-pager’, a website where all pages are on one single page. I’ve created the page structure in PW as I normally do, and I’m rendering all these pages as sections from one template which I’ve called home. I do want the individual sections to have their own url, and from these urls I’d like to render the home template. Nothing special so far, what I am after is the following: How can I figure out which page rendered the home template?

I remember seeing a topic about this, and the possibility of passing an options array to the render() method;


Is this functionality only available in the dev branch? Or is there another way of figuring out what page was originally requested? I’m running PW version 2.3.0.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi thijs,

It's in the dev branch only. So you have two (there are more of course, it's Pw!) solutions:

  1. Use the dev version of Pw and get the page that rendered the template with $options['pageStack'].
  2. The method ryan mentioned in the post at the end. Before rendering the home template: $home->caller = $page; Then in your home template, you can access the caller page with $page->caller;
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3. You can also adapt this method http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3551-small-tip-for-pages-that-will-be-used-with-render/

$path = str_replace ($config->urls->root,'/' , $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); // so it works also when pw is in a subfolder
$caller = $pages->get($path)->title;

just to give more options ;)

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