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TextformatterTokens Module

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The TextformatterTokens module allows other modules to register tokens and replace them with actual values.


  1. Enable the TextformatterTokens module.
  2. Enable the SiteTokens module.
  3. Enable the TextformatterTokens text formatter for a field.

Use tokens provided by the SiteTokens module inside a field that has the TextformatterTokens text formatter enabled. Save and display your page. The tokens should be replaced with the actual content.

Example Tokens

  • [site:name]
  • [page id=123] where id is the ID of the page you want to embed its body field.

You can view logs under your ProcessWire admin dashboard at Setup > Logs > tokens.

Writing own tokens
To create custom tokens, refer to the SiteTokens.module file for an example implementation.

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16 hours ago, Jan Romero said:

Nice first post, welcome!

Thank you!

I have just published this module to Packagist. It can be obtained through Composer with the following command:

composer require zigit-dev/textformatter_tokens
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