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RockForms - Simple, secure and versatile forms based on NetteForms 🔥🚀


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Just officially released RockForms: https://www.baumrock.com/processwire/module/rockforms/

A project that has been in the making for quite some time, with its first git commit dating back to a year ago. However, the roots of RockForms stretch even deeper, originating from another repository, showcasing its rich history and evolution.

RockForms has already been battle-tested in several production projects, proving its reliability and efficiency. It comes with extensive Docs with several interactive forms that you can try out yourself to see how it looks and feels: https://www.baumrock.com/en/processwire/modules/rockforms/docs/

Furthermore, Jens, known in the community as @dotnetic, has also implemented RockForms in his production environment, contributing significantly to the refinement of this release. Thank you Jens! 😎💪

We believe that RockForms will not only enhance your web development experience but also elevate the quality of your projects.

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Great stuff as always 🙂

Receivd your newsletter today that features the release of RockForms. Totally did not see this post before.

I have read through the docs completely. Quite impressive. You seem to have all the functionality needed for rapidly building forms. Some nice wrappers around the sometimes clumsy Nette API. I've been building forms with Nette before and that was not always a pleasant experience. Great that your module simplifies the process.

Will surely use this in upcoming projects.

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