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Sort fields by name in admin page setup/field/


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I don't know if I changed a parameter somewhere to do that, but fields are never sorted by name. I click "Name" column, but as soon as I change page and come back here it's again sorted in a way I don't understand. Filter options are set to "Show all".

How to make this page default sort by name?


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Are there any hooks that adjust template sort? Are there any template-based settings for pages that specify the default child sort?

I haven't set it myself, but the "Fields" page's sort status under "Admin > Setup" in the page tree might also be set...?


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No hook involved (disabled all just in case).

You're talking about the page setup/template/edit?id=2 (admin page template)? No I didn't defined a sort field.

Field are sorted alphabetically in main menu, but not in fields page.



I'm also not using tags, in case they change sort order.

I can't even understand what is the sort order, as none of the columns is sorted. 🤔

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